Salexis Napa Valley Chardonnay

Salexis Wines 2007 Napa Valley Chardonnay 3-Pack
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2007 Salexis Napa Valley Carneros Lake Vineyard Chardonnay
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A nicely aged Chard with interesting numbers at well below average CT pricing for previous vintages.
Gonna be watching this one for TN’s.

Hey Wooters. It’s John Gibson of Salexis Wines to tell you about our 2007 Carneros Lake Vineyard Chardonnay. Made from grapes grown by Beckstoffer Vineyards, it is barrel fermented in 2/3 new French oak (Francois Freres and Taransaud) with native yeast and has gone through malolactic with native bacteria. Inspired by wines I tasted while in Burgundy, it a quite a departure from California Chardonnay in that it was aged on the lees for nearly 2 years rather than 8 to 10 months which is the usual practice. In the second year of lees contact, the wine becomes richer and all of the barrel influences are toned down leaving the wine beautifully balanced. As with all of the wines that we make, we believe that wine is best accompanied by food, family, and friends. We know that our Chardonnay would be an perfect accompaniment to you upcoming holiday meal and to celebrate everything this Spring.

This stuff is good! In for 2.
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I had the chance to try this and I gotta say I’m not a huge white fan but this stuff hit me in all the right places.

I had this with my wife and a friend and his wife. We paired this with a pheasant piccata, roasted carrots and some pasta with butter and parmesan.

On the initial pnp, out of the fridge, on the nose we got some tart fruits maybe a green grape? The first sips were really good, with flavors of pineapple, grapefruit, and someone reported mild apricot. There was a good amount of acid which really kept your mouth alive. And it was a pretty luscious mouthfeel. It wasn’t overly buttery either. Though interestingly both my wife and my friends wife thought it had some sweetness, I think it was the fruit that was imparting that to them, as neither my friend nor I had that impression.

As we enjoyed the meal the wine opened up with a bit of honey flavors and asian pear. It also paired nicely with our meal.

As we wound down and the wine opened and warmed we started to get more honey notes and a bit of green apple. The fun thing was that in the mid to late palate a good orange note came through. It was pretty damn good.

I asked my friend what’d he pay for this and he said around $35 a bottle and I agreed with him.

This was a pretty easy deal for me to pull the trigger on. Especially since I’m not a fan of the minerally whites woots been featuring. Thanks for this deal guys!

It might be good but a Chard that clocks in at 15.5 ABV kind of defeats the purpose for me.

I actually didn’t get any alcohol hit. Neither did my wife who is not a big drinker. I’m not sure if it was the fridge temp muted it and it blew off as it warmed or if it was just well integrated and not noticeable.

Someone made a similar comment on CT re: the '06 “While very high in alcohol (15.8%), no heat to speak of”

I like your avatar! Although it would be better if it show barrels at the ends instead of weights.

I was able to try this wine. warning: I’m not a chardonnay fan.

I will agree with the other poster that even though it is 15.8%, you really don’t get the heat. I wouldn’t have guessed the alcohol to be that high.

If I do drink chards, I like the unoaked and non-buttery chardonnays. Unfortunately this is not that. It is not my style, but there are people who this would be perfect for. My mother-in-law would love this.

On pop and pour and throughout the night, I got oak and butter.

Sorry that I can’t be much more help and describe the subtler nuances of the wine. I just couldn’t get over the oaky buttery flavors.

Hubby drank the wine though. He liked it. Unfortunately, he just drinks what he likes and can’t really help with the tasting notes. I kept bugging him but nothing. Oh well.

Not my style, but there is definitely a market for the wine. :slight_smile:

So it was all oak and butter for you? I’m the same way with Chards, if they’re oaky at all, it’s about all I can taste.

Yup. Unfortunately the oak was overpowering for me. Oh well.

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The description makes this a good buy for my wife.

Any comparisons to the Wall chard?

Oh - and this in no way no enables cab purchases from the plus site due to now having free shipping :slight_smile:

Can anybody comment on how this compares to Toasted Head Chardonnay? Toasted Head is one of my wife’s favorite wines, and is on the oaky end of the Chard spectrum.

Are you dating Carmen San Diego or something?

Missing Inkykatz?

Best reference ever.