Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - 4 Colors


This is selling for the same price that you can get them EVERYWHERE! Even the gunmetal ones that Woot is charging extra for.

My momma told me you’d better shop around!

I own these in blue and love them. I did not get them at Woot, and woot is selling them for under a dollar less than what I paid, plus I didn’t have to pay the $5 to ship them.

I have two stainless ones and I cannot recommend them. They are not powerful enough to grind through salt and the “tilt” switch is temperamental. It works sometimes, and doesn’t work sometimes.

Kalorik’s customer service is also non-existent. I got a handheld vacuum from another website, and it was dead within 2 days. Kalorik didn’t even return my email or call.