Salt & Pepper Mills Bistro Set -2 Colors

The first time I ordered one of these SETS they only shipped one grinder and no stand (I got a refund). Then I bought these the next time they were available, and they arrived (both grinders) but still missing the stand. They are designed to sit INTO the stand a bit, as they are top heavy. Without the stand they wobble like weebles & then they do fall down…
I shouldn’t complain as they sent a refund again (Woot is great about resolving mistakes). But, they always say there are NO MORE to replace the missing pieces - then I see then available on here again.

So I ordered another set on the 29th, they got here by Sept. 1st, and guess what - these DON’T have the stand either - WHY DON’T THEY LIST THESE AS MISSING PIECES??? They don’t stand up without the stand…no pun intended.