Salt Shaver with Himalayan Chunks & Plate

Designed 4 Life Salt Shaver with Himalayan Pink Salt Chunks and Cooking Plate
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Fair warning…your “plate” is likely to arrive as additional “chunks”. I purchased a set of 2 blocks from amazon (seemed to be the same seller and product), and despite pretty careful packaging, the product didn’t survive shipping well. One of the two blocks was cracked in half…both had worn/chipped corners. Amazon re-shipped another pair. One of those blocks broke, too. At the end of the day I came away with 2 whole blocks, but they still look a little rough around the edges (literally).

Ah yes, gourmet salt. That’s kind of like gourmet gasoline, or gourmet heating oil.

It’s SALT, people. Sodium Chloride. about 25 cents a pound at your local grocery store (or 10 cents a pound at Costco).

All salt is not created equal. That is like saying all red wine is basically the same. If you think Himalayan pink salt is the same as Fleur de sel is the same as Morton’s, perhaps your palate isn’t as good as you think it is.

And wine is wine too, eh? Why are all these people paying $20+ for a bottle of wine that you can easily get for $3? Ridiculous!

If an NaCl spike on the palate is all you care to taste with your food, by all means purchase the 25 cent salt. If, on the other hand, your palate can distinguish subtleties of flavor, you might want to spend the extra $20/yr on the single most common food additive. Open up a whole new world of flavor in the food you eat, not just the wine you drink.

Morton’s salt: $0.25/lb: 99.8% NaCl
Gourmet salt: $10-20/lb: 85% NaCl, 15% other flavors

Sacrificing one bottle of wine a year to bring out the best in what I eat is a no-brainer.

A salt block isn’t just used for sprinkling on food - you can also cook on it, serve food on it, etc. You can’t do that with loose NaCl in a container. Although based on an earlier comment, those other techniques might be hard to accomplish if the block falls apart in shipping…