Salt To the Earth

How many salt related idioms can we come up with?

Pardon my French Farm Saltiness, but WTH does “Harvested from the Himalayana” mean exactly? Why doesn’t it simply say, Harvested from the Himalaya?

I dont’ need any salt, but I’m tempted by those gorgeous blue bottles.

stop giving me them salty looks lawrys

wish these would have been up yesterday. Been considering getting one to try out…and yes, because the bottles are awesome, but shipping kind of kills the idea for me. Already ordered something else yesterday so would have been a nice addon for free shipping.

I bought one just because I loved the bottle. I hope I can find it elsewhere when it’s empty.

on a previous woot it was rumored that the blue bottles are refillable.

It says:
7" refillable glass bottle with grinder top

“Back before refrigerators existed, salt was used to keep meat editable for longish periods of time.”

The irony…

Oh imagine the fun tagline for a Woot event with salt and different kinds of batteries…