Salted Caramels-Dark 2 lbs.

Now we’re talkin’!

Last Wooter to Woot:

Love the dark chocolate caramels, thanks Woot!

Where are the Turtles/Dark Chocolate covered pecan clusters??!!! I’m about to have a melt down.

Excited to get another case of the Dark Choco Caramels! The girlfriend has been talking about these since March (when the Valentine’s day ones ran out).

Ordered these a week ago and was checking to see if they had shipped. Now I see they are not expected to be delivered until January 6th? A whole month? That’s disappointing, these were meant for Christmas gifts. I remember past years where something ordered that early was promised for Christmas, so I just figured it would be the same this year. My fault for assuming and not reading closer at the time.

The estimate date changes each day.

These ship directly from the vendor. Please allow 3-5 for them to process and ship. Then allow transit time.

It’s possible it will arrive sooner than we said but we’d rather be conservative this time of year.