Salted Caramels - Milk 2 lbs.

Salted Caramels - Milk 2 lbs.
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Make them dark chocolate…then we’ll talk.

Thank goodness it’s only milk chocolate this time. I can resist that. I would have been in trouble if this was all dark chocolate though.

I can never decide whether I love the dark or the milk chocolate ones more. So I eat them both. Diet fail!

BTW, these freeze beautifully. It might be Sacrilegious of me, but I bought several boxes last year and froze most to tide me over the summer months, then discovered that I almost PREFER to eat them frozen. The way they slowly melt in my mouth at least slows me down a bit.

Speaking of which, I think there is one in the freezer now, calling my name…

Come back in about 2 hours. We’ll take care of your dark chocolate fix.

My fastest Woot buy ever! I think these don’t get shipped during the summer months, so why not get a box now? I’ll give it next month to someone who really loves them.

Way to sabotage my healthy eating plan there, TT.

See you then. 'Cos Baby don’t eat no milk chocolate (except in emergencies…)