Salted Caramels or Pumpkin Assortment

Pumpkin Assortment?!?!


I ordered these already but haven’t yet received them. I am waiting not quite patiently. Such luscious expectations.

I bought a box of these two years ago. Upon receiving them, I immediately regretted not buying 2 boxes.

Not making that mistake this time.

I managed to resist these when they were up earlier, but my will seems to have faltered this time around.

Well, you know what the Borg say.

Same here. I showed such restraint the other day and was quite proud of myself. And now, today…damn you Woot!

Ok FINE, I bought the caramels a couple days ago, but now I’ll buy the pumpkin ones. YOU WIN, WOOT.

I succumbed and bought one.

Even though I’m not a fan of dark chocolate, I’m sure I can find someone in my office who is.

Yuuup. They got me too

I bought 3 last time and 3 again today, who needs dieting.

They spell chocolate wrong on the box or is that like French? Either way these are amazing pumpkin “chocoaltes”

Are these shipping yet? I haven’t received a tracking email.

If not yet, should be very soon.

Oh my. The pumpkin assortment is stupid-good. I knew the salted caramels were divine, of course, and I buy them every time I see them, but I was suspicious because pumpkin chocolate? Really? Well. Yes. Really.