Salton Breadman Ultimate Dream Machine Breadmaker


Thursday, December 08, 2005


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Welcome to the forum, we got Quality Posts:
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a bread maker? good nite everybody.

i actually was in the market for one around thanksgiving, if only it came sooner.

i miss the other woots, the good ones…sorry guys, this just doesnt appeal to me,






My thoughts exactly


A vhs doesnt make bread… thats what women are for…


someone just gave me one of these for free, and I don’t want that one


life is sad… I’ll be compulsively checking at 11:00 mountain until the boc…


Now u can eat bread while listening to your crappy Lightning Audio Bass

hmm. $69.95 can either buy me 1 bread machine … or a fxxking year’s worth of bread.

You are wootNmypants. (No I’m not!)


nice, i might get one, bread from these things tastes really good


breadmaker, geez this one will sit next to the one already in the dump. No thanks this time woot.


i dont have the dough for one of these

its a “which is first ?” chicken or egg type thing


A Breadmaker!!! Not! Maybe if I were Martha Stewart…!!!


I was actually thinking about paying retail for a breadmaker, so this is good timing.

Anybody got a link to a product manual for this model?


yessss…bread…i’m in finals…and all you can give me is a bread machine?


Nice doorstopper.


how do you follow car audio with a breadmaker? no thanks, good thing i was already up studying for exams.


Cool!!! But already got a breadmaker and Grandmas. :frowning: Was hoping for BOC


mmmmmmm…bread. I think I’ll stick to Kroger…