Salton Chocolate Treat Maker – 2 Pack


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Salton Chocolate Treat Maker – 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Salton Chocolate Treat Maker SGCM1


Great treat maker… but I already Wooted one last year!


i have one of these. got it as a present and it almost immediately broke.

imma buy one anyways though, two xmas presents in one :smiley: gotta make sure i don’t give it to people who talk to eachother though.


Wow. Chocolate. I guess this goes with wine.woot.


If you know someone who bakes, this will be a great addition to help them make something with melting chocolate!


my wife got this it sucks


atleast they are trying to sugarcoat the worse woot ever


will it heat up bikini wax?


Is it wrong that it’s only been up for a couple of minutes and I’m already thinking of the other things you can probably melt in this?

So long G.I. Joe - meet the giant melting heat of death… pot. evil laugh


oooohhhhh…These should go over real good in San Francisco.


mmmm. Can’t go wrong with Chocolate…
Plain Chocolate,
Dark Chocolate,
and o’so tasty White Chocolate


thanks woot - in for two

four more names off the list


More expensive than it was last February? They were 6.99 each then.
Shouldn’t the price go down?


Having once been fat, I don’t want to be fat again by stuffing my jaw with homemade chocolate. So I will have to pass on this woot.




seriously, though. I am sure that many of you are disappointed because you cannot stick this in your computer, or because it does not play music, but these things make amazing gifts.

give this to someone that you are going to be with on Christmas morning, and after all the presents have been opened, you can have chocolate covered ANYTHING for breakfast. it is incredible.


Found it for 13.95 here:

Then i realized thats its a twofer…whoops


Mmmm…Do I break the New Years Resolution before it’s time to resolve?


I’m fine using a regular cooking pot and a fork thanx. no special equipment required. costs = $0.00 cause i already have it all.