Salton LM8 Lemonader 2.5 quart Home Lemonade Maker


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Night time, this will be here for at least 5 hours :lol:


me thinks this may be the end of the woot off

unless…c’mon everyone get some lemonade!


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Knew it was going to happen. The lemonade is awesome, easy to clean, and you get two for the price, so you have a gift (late mother’s day). I bought one (two) the first go round, so buy em up.


And so ends the latest installment of How the Woot Off Turns.

Talk about a woot off killer.


I agree, this looks like a good time for a nap. I got a set of these last go round. Now I’m going to get some sleep and hopefully someone will buy them up just in time for me to wake up for the next item…

Wooty dreams, all!


I’m guessing 2 1/2 hours? Time for a nap :slight_smile:


damnnn this thing wont leave!! BE GONE LEMONS!


Even the staff at the Castle of Woot needs a break after that run. What a great streak that was…geez…exhausted.


Great price if you’ve been looking for something like this, considering you get 2 of them. But who the heck has been looking for a lemonade maker? Not me. There’s a ton of them on Ebay for as low as $14.99 plus shipping, so again, this is a good deal if you drink your weight in lemonade.


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These are big Yellow Woot Killers


boring… zzz


The WOOT-off had a great run but this looks to be the Woot-killer.


lemonade, schmemonade, bring on the next piece-of-crap-that-i-have-no-need-for-but-still-may-buy :?

[size=18:9455f8e32c]special request by billflu:[/size:9455f8e32c]

Lemonader 2.5 quart Home Lemonade Maker (2 Pack)
No, smart-aleck, you don’t get the glasses or the fruit
$19.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Ahh, is there anything more refreshing than a glass of ice-cold, fresh-squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day? Not until the patent office approves our Freon-tube corduroys, there isn’t.

Satisfy your summertime ade fixes with the Salton Lemonader, a two-and-a-half-quart carafe with an automatic citrus reamer (heh, heh) that makes it easy to squeeze homemade lemonade, and fast and effortless to clean up.

What’s more: this Woot’s a twofer!

That’s right, Evan Dando—in a characteristic fit of largesse, we’re unloading these fruity gizmos in pairs. Keep one and make a present of the other, so your down-and-out neighbor won’t have to get additionally covetous.

“Since life already gave you lemons,” you can say, cleverly, “I’m giving you this.”

Then scram, before he has time to squeeze a fresh glass of cool, delicious citrus juice and throw it in your face.

2.5 quart pitcher capacity
Bi-directional citrus juicer goes both ways
Carafe, reamer and pulp basket are dishwasher safe
Durable plastic Lemonader features a cheery yellow and white motif
Comes with 11 Fresh Flavor recipes for exotic tastes from across the wide spectrum of world lemonades
Owner’s manual included
Pause/interrupt feature for brewing cycle
Power indicator light
Dimensions: 13”H x 8.5”D x 9”W
1-year manufacturer’s warranty
Prevents scurvy
How it Works:
Fill the main body reservoir with water
Ice goes in the pitcher
Sugar goes in the sugar chamber, which is why they call it that
Ream the halves of 4-6 lemons on the top juicer cone. It keeps seeds and rind out as the juice is filtered and combined with the sugar syrup
Makes 8 glasses—or up to 16, if you pour them really stingily
Note: Now remember, kids… The quantity you order is how many PAIRS you would like. If you order 1, you actually get 2 lemonaders. If you order 2, you get 4. If you order 3, you get 6.
We don’t want to hear anybody running around screaming, “OMGWTF I DIDN’T KNOW!!!111”

Also, just to be safe, we’re absolutely certain that this Salton Lemonader does NOT have pre-amp outputs.


Bed Time!!! Later Wooters