Salton Water Wand Filtration System



Give use the 250 gig drive already!


woowee, $1. bargain. for those who really need clean water. yawn.

here’s the link to their website.


mmmmm… reverse osmosis…


I might actually buy one :wink: ;).

Nah, but if they aren’t sold out, I may consider it :P.


Not a great woot, but w/e, they’ll come soon.


People don’t drink enough H20. Maybe this magic wand of filtration will give the people the power of hydration. Drink water.


um, why oh why, would woot want to sell this???

And who would want to buy this??? PUR and Brita are waaaaaay better…


Whoaa… its like a bag of crap… but its not a bag of crap… haha… it deserves the “Worst Woot Ever” award… it looks like such a leftover piece of crap! I wonder if everyones rushing to buy one right now like when the Bag of Crap goes on sale…


I beg to differ [;)]


Wow, this is really bad. REALLY bad.

But $1 . . .

No. What am I thinking?


any one know why I cant order 10 of these?..


haha… 0% is included… awesome


Hey anyone catch what shipping is for this?
Whoa $5 for a $1 woot. Not quite sure that works out


You know, if I lived in a 3rd world country that did not have clean water and had a faucet, this might not be such a bad woot. . .


for $1…hmmmmm…how does it hook up? Googled it…$32.00 in chrome, didn’t find the brass one though. seems as though if you are searching for a great deal…$1 is FANTASTIC!!! Thinking about it


hahahaha, thanks for the laugh woot. it started out with a smile when i visited and was shown the WSOP 15 in 1 thing again, and continued with the worst woot ever logo and amusing description. i would be in for at least one, but i just dropped a whole lot of change on books for uni and a mic for the ole lappy. thanks again for the laugh :slight_smile:


Oh black water, keep on rolling
Mississippi moon won’t you keep on shining on me

Yeah, keep on shining your light
Gonna make everything, pretty mama
Gonna make everything all right
And I ain’t got no worries
Cause I ain’t in no hurry at all


Selling on amazon for like 40 bucks.

This is a giant turd of a woot though


I had a nice woot related Haiku all loaded up in my paste buffer ready to go.
I could not do it. A woot this special needed one created just for it, so here it is:

Oh My God. What’s this?
This IS the worst woot ever!
It is Crap, No Bag.


What if it was refurbished… that wuold be so gross… like little deposits of calcium carbide stuck in the holes… (i think thats what they call that gross stuff that clogs tap filters and shower heads) hahaha…