Saltopia, 6 Pack

Saltopia, 6 Pack

Bought these last time for a gift. My friends loved this of course for cooking. They raving about them. One thing woot? Last time the deal was you got 9 different salts for $29.99. Now the deal is 6 different salts for $34.99. Why five buck more this time woot?

You get 17 ounces of salt for $35. That’s over $2 per ounce. :astonished:

I found 17 oz. of “gourmet” sea salt at WalMart for $1.74.

Well, this time at least you were the second poster, usually the first one expresses fake outrage (Oh, the Humanity!) at the prices of products on the Woot Gourmet offering. It is great that Wal-Mart Gourmet products fulfill your expectations.

Not even going to bother really trying to make counterpoints against your very valid argument…

I am not sure why, but there is some differences.
The offering you refer to was 3 x 3-packs. So there would be 3 jars in each box, and you got 3 boxes. The jars had a woodgrain screw-on cap that I think is plastic. And salt spoon in each pack.

A previous offering from Saltopia had each salt in individual packs which are separately giftable. The glass jars were the flip-type glass lid with metal spring latch. Which were nice and of course re-usable. So those were kind-of premium compared to the 3-in-a-box version.

The photo here seems to show individual packs like the other more premium offer. However the photo seems to show the same screw-on plastic woodgrain lid, which makes it less desirable as a premium item. So it does appear that you are getting the same more basic jars now as the previous better deal that you mentioned.

This is not “gourmet” Any cook worth his salt would never use stuff like this. It’s a scam for trendoids who can’t cook that pay $35 for a little salt.

Hey Wooters. I see these in a six pack like this at QVC for more. Not all the same flavors tho.
I personally love flavored salts. Call them what you want (gourmet, not gourmet) who gives a shite? They are fun to use, and I have a number of smoked ones, and other. Just enjoy life!

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Chef here, 4 diamond restaurant expensive

I can confirm flavored salts are used

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Are you a NaCl gourmet?

Um did I miss something?? Why so many commenting on some expensive salts. I don’t even like salt.

That explains why we hated the brussel sprouts from Capital grill. Had way to much salt for our taste. The only thing I like with alot of salt is Salt n Vinegar chips. Some salt is good for your body in moderation. Have a salty night.

I wasn’t outraged (fake or otherwise), just surprised at the price. Of course, most of the Woot gourmet items seem very expensive.

As for whether WalMart’s sea salt “fulfills my expectations”, I wouldn’t know – I’ve never bought sea salt. I’ve only had it in prepared foods and have no idea where it came from.