Salty Feet

Salty Feet

@Froodyfrog you buy one yet?

Yeah this looks fantastic for our resident penguinologist

Nope. Not yet.

I figured that you were getting 2 of them for me.


Not with that attitude, I’m not.

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It’s fine.

  1. You don’t know my size.

  2. I don’t need two.

Or your mailing address. So this is just a non-starter, I guess.

One for you, one for penguin.

What about all of my other penguins?

Guess you’ll need more than 2.

Is @peaceetc getting the additional copies, or would you like to sponsor some as well?

I’m thinking of starting a GoFundMe.

Well? Did you start it?

Sorry, no. The thinking part wore me out and I needed to lie down.

Wanna send cash?

I totally would but it would have to be someone else’s cash and since the GoFundMe fell through… well.


Plan C?

Your penguins get jobs to buy their own shirts.