Salute Santé' Grapeseed Oil (3)

Salute Santé’ Grapeseed Oil 3-Pack
$39.99 $69.85 43% off List Price
3 - Grapeseed Oil-1 liter

Been waiting for this, almost out. Missed it during the last WO.
Not this time.

Great for grillin’ and other higher temperature cooking.

3 liters of grapeseed oil for $40 sounds pretty tough to beat.

What’s the shelf life?

Unopened I had one for over a year that was just fine when opened, and still going strong at five months after opening.

Maybe I did it wrong, but the last time I chugged a can while grilling with my neighbor… well… let’s just say the results were “unexpected”.

Except at trader joes where a 500ml bottle is $5 or $6.

This does seem to be a cut above TJ’s however; like the Cavedoni offers.

Good to see you back, been awhile.


From the company: produced in Feb 2016, so will have a BestBy of FEB 2018.

I thought this was wine woot.