Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil (3)

Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil 3-Pack
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(3) Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil, 17 oz.


I am interested in purchasing these for Bath products, such as body butters and bath bombs. Grapeseed Oil is known for having a short shelf life. Is there any way to determine the expiration date of these oils, especially since one would be purchasing three bottles. I do know that I can reduce the chance of rancidity by refrigerating and using Rosemary Oleoresin, but hoping some type of expiration date or shelf life info is availabe for this brand.

Define short shelf life. I sell GSO and the average shelf life is 18 months, longer if kept in the fridge. I’m curious as to how this brand stacks up.

Another question: cold-pressed?

This is available from for $24.18 for three bottles. It might be worth looking at the shipping and compare to Woot’s 5.00 + 29.99.

Flat rate shipping $5.95 at Vitaminlife and you can order the quantity you want for $8.06 each, it does not have to be groups of 3.

Not to rain on woot’s/amazon’s parade, but I get my grapeseed oil at Trader Joe’s for some nominal price (same 17oz (500ml); I get 6 or 7 bottles at a time, and if it was $10/bottle I would have noticed; I think it is more like $5 or even less). I use it for food (salads, cooking, etc.)

Just checking. This is not wine, right?

And grapeseed/rapeseed/canola are not all the same, right?

Negative Ghost Rider. Grapeseed oil is not the same as Canola oil (which is also called rapeseed oil).

would just like to add that grapeseed oil is the world’s best massage oil. :slight_smile:

Right, its not wine. Im not sure why this is under wine and not sure why they have a review of someone that says its “Almost undrinkable”. lol. This is oil. Good for skin and a lot of other stuff, but not a wine. :slight_smile:

It’s under wine because every Thursday, wine.woot does a not-wine. Usually fine food(s) or a wine accessory.

I’ve never done it, but you can make certain essential oils using grape seed oil as your base oil (if you subscribe to the essential oils theory). There are videos on youtube on how to do this.

FYI Wine Woots always include shipping these days, so it’s just 29.99, no +5

This batch is fresh product - pressed in MAY 2014 so BB MAY 2016 - great as a base for your mixes or just for salad dressings and cooking!

Some of the important facts to know are oil needs to be protected from the light so it does not oxidize - clear glass or worse, plastic - allow light to damage the oil. Plastic leachs into the oil, which is a very bad thing! So our 100% light protective packaging assures the oil has not been exposed to any damaging light. Also, we date our batches, with a Best By date - this oil has 24 months from production, so BB MAY 2016. Also, a lot of less expensive grapeseed oils are not 100% grapeseed oil - we certify thru independent labs that Salute Santé! is the real deal!

Will it harm the grapeseed oil to sit on my porch during sub-freezing temps? until I get home

No, not at all! Grapeseed oil has so little Saturated fat, it does not cloud, or get solid in the fridge! Actually half that of olive oil! So good for your body and your salad dressings!!!