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Nor do I but I have an excuse,I don’t get about half of these shirts!

This is the price you pay for running out ahead of everyone with “skill”. How DARE you, sir or madam? Mario Kart is about bunching everyone together as tightly as possible for maximum insanity, NOT for taking a lead so large it feels like a casual Sunday drive. For if you do, you will hear the sound of the impending blue shell. And you will only be able to blame yourself.

Great color, great design. Might have to shell out for this one :3

There is a trick for dealing with the blue shell when it is about to strike, at least on the Wii. Right as it is about to get you, flip the controller upwards and instead of wrecking you will just slow down a bit.

But I, too, would like to know if there is a code to that license plate that I don’t get.

Actually, the license plate number originates from Italy.

This shirt is a more realistic take on the damage a blue turtle shell would do in the real world.

I’ll be back to a real computer tonight. I hate macs

This is pretty much the best writeup I’ve ever read at Woot.

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I didn’t exactly get this either, of course I never made it past the original Nintendo and Super Mario Bros 2… Bummer it’s so low on the selling scale though.

Bwaaahaha on Cowboy getting married… Mrs. CBD?