Sam Adams Utopias. How to enjoy fully?


I recently have recieved a bottle of 05 SA Utopias in my hands. I want to ask, what would be the best way to enjoy this. I know this is very subjective question, but how would one go about this? Brandy sniffer or what other glass? Let it breath for how long before partaking? Should I wait a couple years to drink it? Prep my palate an hour or so beforehand with a bottle or 2 of tripple bock? Should I share (LOL)?

Anyone have any experience with this or anything remotely similiar?


Uh, Sam Adams is generally beer.
Is this beer, or what?


Yup. It is categorized as an
“extreme” beer, whatever that means.


It’s a snifter, not sniffer.


Its a uncarbonated beer, meant ot be served at room temperature. It’s 25% alcohol and made in pretty low quantity.

Here is the blurb from Sam Adams

CNN’s little article on it.

And finally a beer rating site’s commentary.

And yes, “snifter.” :wink:


flat beer . . . I’d rather gag down Filipino balut . . .


Think of it more like a mild cognac or brandy, actually.