Samsonite 14-in-1 Multi Tool

A couple of 5 Star Reviews over at Amazon

The black and red options look different (other than just the color). Do they both have the same 14 tools, or are there differences other than just appearance?

how big is this from the tip of needle nose to end of the handle?

What is the weight of these?

It looks like they do have some differences. The images have detailed lists of the attached tools.

This is rather confusing. The red and black are clearly different models. The black one is the one with positive reviews on Amazon. I can’t seem to find the red one anywhere, nor can I find references to the listed model number for either of the tools.

The black model has a “ruler” that has no markings on it. On the red model, the labels for “can opener” and “bottle opener” look reversed.

To get to 14 tools, I guess the red model counts the fish scaler and hook disgorger as separate tools. The black model combines those two, but then manages to count the serrated portion of the knife blade as a separate knife.

Strangely, I’m still considering getting the black one, but I don’t feel entirely confident as to what I’ll actually receive.

I found a link to the red multi-tool on amazon, but it has no reviews yet.
Hope this helps.

It looks to me like ONLY the red one is a SA-525. The black picture seems to be for a ST-1509. There is such a thing as a black model SA-525. So what is Woot selling?

All - The black on is different from the red one. If you look at the separate pictures for the black v red, you can see what tools each has.

Woot did it again. The black tool that I received is different from the one in the picture: it looks like the red model. If I knew that, I would not have ordered it: it has a spring to help the pliers open, which looks like it is easy to lose. When the tool is folded no attachments are accessible. Using the knife is simply awkward. This is why I ordered the black model that Woot had in their ad. Screw it, why do I even check this stupid site anymore?

Mine is in transit, will promptly return if it’s not the one pictured. Don’t understand why they would do that???

Thanks for the update. That’s the reason I didn’t order. I wanted the black model, but I didn’t trust that I wouldn’t get the red model instead.

Same thing happened to me. Woot customer service is great though!