Samsonite Carrying Case Alarm 2-Pack



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Samsonite Carrying Case Alarm 2-Pack
$6.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Samsonite Carrying Case Alarm - SAP707


With most luggage being the cloth type, I do not see the point of these things. One, a good knife will defeat the alarm. Second, when the airport ground crew is stealing your stuff, what makes you think you will hear the alarm???


Most of the time would be un-needed but a great price tonight for two…

Froogle @ About 20 each without shipping!

Good deal but useless for me. Night all



comparison sites you say???.. how do they compare, you say???.. hehe… you know the drill kids…
all the comparison shopping links just like usual… nothing fancy… p.s. did you say batterie’s included?.. yup, i’m sold.


Is it bluetooth enabled? Sorry, I got nuthin’…


I am quite offended at by the insult handed to my fellow Oklahomans by today’s Woot…

At least, my fellow intelligent Oklahomans.


some reputation you’re going to get when your buddy picks up your stuff and the alarm goes off. Paranoid? Pass, a lot.


airports/airlines do not allow locks of any kind on luggage


not going to be much help if they just pick it up and run… i’ll pass.


Had to get 6. Only will use one… TY woot :wink:


Can i use this as an alarm clock?


Beyond terrible… Imagine you are in a very important meeting and the thing goes off… no no no no no no no


Why does everyone think we’re backwards? sniffle

Anyhow, I agree, I don’t really see how this is useful.


Um… it doesn’t go off when you cut it. It goes off with the slightest movement. I don’t think the airline would let you check your luggage with this thing turned on. As they moved you bag from the counter to the conveyor belt, the damn thing would start to go off.

Still, the fact that you seem to have misunderstood how it works, has nothing to do with the quality of this woot, which is…




tsk tsk tsk @ the oklahoman reference…

…but im only oklahoman by marriage

wonder how long the delay is on these things


I think I’m going to get a set for securing motorcycle gear to my bike. Think outside the box… not just for luggage!


I would pay money just to see that


why would you put alarms on your luggage that go off simply from motion?! they’d be ringing all the way from check-in until landing. this is absurd…


3.18x2 plus 9.49 shipping. Woot is the lowest still…