Samsung 10,000 mAh USB-C Battery Pack

Samsung 10,000 mAh USB-C Battery Pack

I am assuming the USB-C port is just an input to charge the battery pack, not an output (PD) port?

The description claims to charge at 15W (that would imply USB-C charging but I was curious too & can’t find any actual specs). On Samsung’s website nearly 50% of the reviews are 1-star (39/80):

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The USB-C port would be for charging the battery pack. But it has two USB output ports that you could plug micro, or USB-C cords into… so it can charger whatever you want.

I have three of these in my household and they are awesome especially at this price. The first one that I had ordered did fail shortly after arrival but Samsung was very good about sending out a new one and I didn’t have to send the old one back just threw it away.

So the USB-C port is for fast charging the unit but it also fast charges my Note 8 and Note 10+ from either of the two USB-A ports. On top of that, you can fast charge on one port and still use the other to charge something else (I’ve never tried to charge both Notes on the same unit at once).

the lowest I have seen this was for $15 directly from Samsung but at $19 it’s still a hot deal. There are some reviews saying it has died after few months but they were able to get a new one from Samsung under warranty.

Does anyone know if this can be recharged on a charging pad/stand? (Wirelessly)

Rose color is $16.67 at the mother ship. :shrug:

Seems like this could be used to charge a Nintendo Switch. Can anyone confirm?

Yes, That is if you want it refurbished. However, the brand new (Non refurbished) unit is selling for 30% more at $24.99, see the link:

It’s a $1.00 cheaper on Amazon. Try harder.

Link? :thinking:

Samsung seems to only fast charge their brand of phones. I bought a duo wireless charger base that would only fast charge a Note 9 and slow charge my LG V30. I would buy this if it was guaranteed to fast charge everything but Samsung devices :woman_shrugging:

Yeah, please provide a link for that then. The one for $16.67 isn’t the same model.

For those curious, while it obviously does not have the guts to support the faster variants of USB-PD (usually accomplished through higher voltages, like 9V), it must allow the basic USB-C output of 5V/3A, which perfectly matches the 15W figure. This is also higher than necessary for the USB-A cap of 5V/2.4A (excluding QC, because that is also not possible within 15W). The simple math to back up those simple observations is that Power (W) = Voltage (V) * Current (A). This essentially means that it is based on very old, and unremarkable specs, and will do fine for many devices, but certainly will not charge anything quickly.

Point is… This thing is slim, beautifully machined, and utterly lacking when compared to similarly priced options with either higher capacity and similar connectivity, or better connectivity and faster charging via USB-PD or Qualcomm QC standards, or more unique features such as wireless Qi charging. Reputable brands such as Anker, Aukey, Jackery, Ravpower, Sabrent, etc. have offerings within a few dollars that can offer much more on various levels. I won’t recommend specific models, since I don’t know whether folks will favour QC, USB-C, thinner profiles, higher capacity… But I wouldn’t personally care to buy this for any reason.

Just got mine. These aren’t USB type-c. They’re micro USB.
Seriously? Did nobody look at the stuff?

These were not the USB-C variant as listed.
And I have attached the response from support. Woot needs to do better when they are listing products. Now it is my responsibility to get these sent back in which they were sent in a poly bag and arrived pretty beat up.

Hello there,

We are sorry to hear that the item you received is not as expected.

Unfortunately, we do not have replacements available at this time.

To help you with the return of the item, we are issuing you a prepaid return label to send it back to us at no cost to you. We’ve initiated an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

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Just got mine, same problem…seriously Woot?

Same here, it’s not USB c which is why i purchased it, mine will go back. Calling customer service

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Yes if it’s a C port it would be worth it but since it’s a siimply micro USB charger,written right on the outside of the package it came in it’s not worth the money at all. My last three woot purchases have been not as described I’m getting very upset with this

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