Samsung 10.1" 32GB Galaxy Note

Samsung 10.1" 32GB Galaxy Note

This looks a lot like the Note 10.1 2014 edition. (SM-P600). Here’s a link if you want more details:




Is it possible to update the OS rev without too much effort?

Thinking about it. But the review record on this 2014 model is a little worrying. Battery life issues, for one…

I’m still using the Note 10.1 2014 edition though I’ve been looking to update. However, updating has nothing to do with my current tablet’s function. After 6 years, it still works like a dream, battery is still great and I’m happy with it overall, but the OS can no longer be updated while stock. I thought this one might be more in the hardware department, but no. I’ll stick with my workhorse, I think, and pass on this one.

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If this is in fact the 2014 model, it appears that it ships w/ Android 4.3 and can be upgraded to 5.1.1,.

I seem to remember this one being upgradeable beyond that if you want to reflash, but don’t take my word for it.

This actually seems like the SM-P601 (back gives it away, assuming the pictures are correct), at the end of the day anything you get from Samsung, specially these Notes, will have a difficult time getting updates to the firmware. You’ll likely end up having to throw a custom firmware on to it.

It appears the last supported version is 5.1.1 Lollipop

IMO, this device is not worth the $160 they’re asking. You can find NEW devices, that will support current apps (Lollipop is starting to lose support from app developers) for the same or possibly less money and they’ll have a warranty.

I bought this model last time on Woot. I first had the processor board fail and had to fight with Samsung to get it repaired. I then had problems with the frame falling apart. IMO you would be better off buying a new Lenovo M10 for about the same price brand new. This model IMO is poorly built and engineered. Mine is now trashed. I replaced it with the Lenovo M10FHD and have been very pleased with it. It also comes with Android 9.1 on it. The Samsung being offered here will not even run a lot of newer apps.


Mine came in about a week ago. Charged it up to 100% and it straight up died at 70% about 20 minutes later. Wouldn’t restart until I plugged it back in.

I knew this was pricey for a refurbished 6 year old tablet, but I really missed my old one. They offered me $25 to get another battery with, but truth be told, it could be the charger that’s bad, not worth the roll of the dice. I need to ship it back. Disappointed.

Was able to get it up to 5.1.1 and no issues with the battery life. The only thing is trying to find a case for this thing. Anyone found one worth its salt?