Samsung 10.1" Galaxy Tab A (2019)

Samsung 10.1" Galaxy Tab A (2019)

Does this really have USB 2.0, or is it actually the model with USB C? I’m VERY annoyed that this one very essential fact is omitted from the vast majority of online tablet specs–or is incorrect. Almost have to go to a store and actually look at one on display.

How does the things’ manual get away with three mentions of USB, and none of them detail which version of USB?

Hey there, we have in the specs that it is USB 2.0. I also double checked on Samsung’s site and it is indeed USB 2.0.

I have one and it’s USB-C.

Can this tablet be activated onto a Verizon account?

How about the version of Droid? Is it 8 or 9?

It could vary unit to unit. You can update it.