Samsung 10.1" Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock

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I hope this is somewhat helpful…

This will not work with the older style galaxy tab 3 as it uses a micro usb connector. I have been trying to sell one of these for years to no avail because I have not been able to sell it… On a brighter note, I have a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 that I use primarily as a chromecast remote for my living room and bedroom tvs. The included IR blaster means I NEVER have to search the couch cushions for missing remotes anymore

Does anyone know if this keyboard dock with work with the Galaxy 10.1 Tab 2?

Will this work with my Samsung Tab4? It only has one plug in.

Won’t work with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, I checked directly with Samsung support.

No. I ordered it last Friday without doing research and it arrived today. It has an inch long proprietary connector instead of the micro USB the Tab 4 would need. I guess based on the other comments this must be for the original Galaxy Tab?

An easy way to tell, the keyboard doesn’t come with its own power adapter and uses the one from your device. If your device has the small micro USB like most cell phones then it won’t work.

Boo!,to them!

But thanks for asking about the question I was wondering about.

This dock is completely useless for any tablet produced after 2012. Very dishonest marketing on Woot’s part.

Agreed very glad that it was not that expensive as it does not work with my daughter’s either.