Samsung 1000W 3D Blu-Ray 5.1 Home Theater System

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I think there might be some errors in the listing, when I do a search for that model #, this is what shows up, its different than what is pictured:

I think the model that is shown in the pictures is the Samsung HT-E5500W:

I’d have to agree with the previous commenter. Looks like they goofed on the model number. If you read the description on Amazon, you’ll see that the rear speakers ARE NOT wireless, and they are working on fixing that spec in the description:

Hope that helps.

I bought this a few months ago, and no, the rear speakers weren’t wireless. Fortunately, the wires were more than long enough to go under the entertainment center, across the room beneath the area rug, under the couch, and onto the end tables on either side.

At first, I thought the rear speakers were defective, but after dis-/reconnecting the wires, it just turns out I hadn’t jammed the wire far enough into the clamp.

But then wifi kept getting disconnected… and then it wouldn’t read DVDs…

I sent it back.

Yikes. Thanks for the info.

Yeah - when it comes to DVDs

Darn shame too. As much as I steer clear of prepack low dollar audio, a 3D BluRay player/wireless surround sound by Samsung had my button pushing finger twitching.

Woot: Please clear up which model this is and if it does indeed have wireless rear speakers.

The pictures on the main page show the main unit with a rounded front left corner, which appears to be the wired rear speaker version.

The preview pictures in the comment section here (wootstalker post) show a completely different unit.

I’m interested, but want to know what is being sold… Thanks


Model #: We are selling the HT-HM55 as noted in the sale.

Photos: We now have the correct item shown in the photos. I deleted the Wootstalker post that still had incorrect photos.

Wired: These speakers are wired. We’ve corrected the sale for this information.

I bought this the last time it was on Woot to replace my old system, which conveniently died on me the same day this was for sale.

I also bought new mounting hardware from Best Buy, figuring I’ll redo it all.

Once it arrived, I noticed I was unable to mount them. So, I contacted Samsung and asked what hardware would work with their speakers.

What they told me is that they cannot be mounted on ceiling mounts. After close to 2 weeks of fighting with them, they suggest putting them on the floor.

Seriously. The floor.

When I told this them was ridiculous, they said there was nothing more they can do for me.

So, the next time I go to a movie theater, I will suggest they put their speakers on the floor. Apparently, this is the best place for them.


Do not buy.