Samsung 1000W 5.1 Ch Home Theater System

As an almost complete moron when it comes to sound engineering issues, let me just throw this question out to Wooters.

My ongoing issue with sound coming from my TV is that the sound effects and music are often deafeningly loud, but dialogue is often inaudibly quiet. It’s enough of a problem that it has essentially stopped me from watching movies at home.

As I understand the issue, what I need in order to fix this is a device that will allow me to compress the hell out of the audio so that explosive sounds are quieter and quiet sounds are louder.

Will this device allow me to control this sort of thing? If not, what other options do I have?

I have no idea what audio processing options this has, but usually these things are pretty simplistic. Any half decent AV receiver typically has that functionality built in though.

Is this system wireless?

It is not wireless.

I’m hoping to use this set up with a rocketfish wireless kit. Is that possible? I’m seeing some other Samsung set ups that have some special custom (non standard) connector for the speakers into the BD player. Anyone have any direct experience? Thanks.

I usually experience this when there is a 5.1 audio source trying to play on a device with only stereo or 2.1 support. 5.1 wants to play all the dialog on the central channel which does not exist on stereo or 2.1. If this is truly your issue purchasing a surround sound setup will help. You could also see about setting the device delivering the audio to stereo and see what happens.

Is this a 2015 model?

Unknown. In a batch of refurbished items, there may be a mix of models.

Would hooking up a record player to this system be an issue?

Not to be a dumd a** here but with its features is it, or isn’t not WiFi? As it looks as it should be.