Samsung 1080p HD Camcorder

I believe this is the same camera over at Amazon.

$80 over there, with middling reviews (32 4 & 5-star, 21 1 & 2-star).

product video, manuals, and other fancy stuff.

Here are some mixed reviews.


Here is a video from youtube from Joshua Kingdom

Here is the top comment:
“Dude this is so interesting with his monotone voice… [bleep] COMMERCIAL”

I’ve actually heard really good things about this camcorder. It’s not a bad deal for the price.

Here’s an action video: [youtube=vUesOiWtOXw][/youtube]

I’ve been on that same river and it claimed one of the shockproof/waterproof Casio Exilim cameras.

You think it’s worth it for 40 bucks? You got a 90 days warranty too.

I got 3 of these last time round (for $10 more each, darnit) to shoot multi-angle videos. I’ve been very happy with them thus far! They start-up really quickly (2-3 secs), have a standard tripod screw mount and I’m happier with their indoor color performance than my 3CCD JVC Evario (2009-ish model).

Shooting photos isn’t as convenient (it defaults to video, and the camera button seems to have a bit of a delay), but that is my only gripe so far. Heck, I might just get a few more to add to the angles!

Any info on what storage it COMES with? I see that it can go up to 32gb but that doesn’t tell me what it HAS standard. Also, can it charge with the micro usb? Thanks fellow

I also got one of these, and it’s lots of fun at the pool and the lake. I couldn’t believe the price for being waterproof, and it hasn’t disappointed. Start times are fast, and it’s fun for videos underwater or jumping into the water. Indoor video was okay, but not the strength. If only it would teach my kids that they have to watch the lcd to see what they are recording, and hold the screen relatively still. I found the price great, even when I paid $50.

I don’t think there is any built in storage–I use mine only with a micro SD card. It does charge via the full size USB. There is no micro USB.

I got an 8gb card in one of my three by mistake! But no, nothing is supposed to come with these :wink:

I bought one @ $49. I like it better than the FlipVideo I have. I recorded a one-hour lecture this past week. Excellent sound and video for being in a lecture hall. I am sold on Samsung products.

How is the running time? Like on full battery and 32 gb how long will you be able to capture? Till the battery runs out or till the memory runs out, thats always the question.

I have one that I use daily for underwater footage. Works great. Clear images above and below water. It doesn’t like/adjust quickly to back light, but its a minor annoyance.
Battery life is awesome. I didn’t fully charge it at the end of the season, picked it up last week and it was still juiced and ready to go.
You really can drop it from head height and it just keeps going.
I only charge it through usb. Not through micro.
It even takes pretty decent stills.

Best part is, I take the video, use the usb to plug into the tablet, and withing 30 seconds, I am reviewing the video with an athlete.

Limited underwater use

I bought one of these and it has limited underwater use, like 2 times. The first time I used it it did well for about 5 minutes of shallow swimming. Then, it died. A week in the sun finally dried all the water out. (It’s hard to get water out of a “sealed” device). I charged it and it ran with some lines showing on the screen, but not on the video it captured.

The second time, I took it snorkeling in saltwater. It captured for about 15 minutes. It’s never recovered. The charging light will come on, but it will not boot.

While it worked, it took excellent video. For a regular, compact video camera, it was as good as my Flip. But, the water use is limited.

Man if this thing just did not have an internal battery. I hate that because it is very nice and convenient if you can have a spare already charged for back-up. Have to pass because of that.


I just went in for one, but can any one of you that already have one tell me how much recording can you do on a single charge? 2hr, 3hr…? I have a spare 32gb micro SD that I plan to use in this and was wondering about recording time and length based on this.


Some poor reviews from amateurs need to be taken with a grain of salt. It is amazing the expectations some have when it comes to cheap little still cameras and video cameras. Some think that “digital” equals “magic.”

It’s a handy lil camcorder

[]Mine has done fine in shallow salt water
]It powers up quickly
[]Video quality is decent for the price
]Battery life is excellent
[]Tri-pod mount
]Mine came with 2Gb memory card
[]Built in USB is nice
]Good weight… not too heavy and not too light
[*]Good for fishing videos…

[]No optical zoom
]I have an attachment to mount to a tripod that has to come off to use the USB
[*]Sound quality is eh

I really enjoy mine and will get another now as a backup.