Samsung 1080p LED Smart TVs

55" version available brand new at Sams for $598 with free shipping. Looks like same model. Hmmm…

Cheaper elsewhere… look around.

The Sam’s Club is 120hz, the woot one is 240. Big difference in quality.

Wrong! Sam’s had exactly some model. 240 is CMR - same as here. Sam’s is out of stock now though.

How do they get away with saying it’s got twice the resolution of standard HD TVs? Total BS!

In today’s resolution talk, “HD” by itself means 720p, while “FullHD” refers to 1080p.

720p in turn means there are 1280 pixels across by 720 pixels high, a total of 921600 pixels.

On a 1080p display there are 1920 pixels across by 1080 pixels high, a total of 2073600 pixels, in total more than 2x the pixel count of “standard HD” - verifying the marketing copy claims.

Has anyone tried using one of these as a monitor?