Samsung 1080p Upconverting DVD Player

yaaaay… no

Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy a Blu-Ray player? Wait…I mean wow! Great deal! Buy it now!

i think i sprained my f5ing finger on those last few woots

damnt i wanted that screen lol

So…who’s still up?!

Read the write up.

$54.99 in amzn with 2 stars!

no thanks.

next item better be good its getting late :frowning:


I like my blu-ray. I doubt this things ability to match it. If it could, I doubt blu-ray would still be in biz.

Also the only positive feature I saw was the ability to play those video formats…which isn’t uncommon so its really not much of a feature.

Yea. Might as well pay a few more bucks for a blu-ray.


I just dealed OUT of this woot. First sucker indeed. Hoping service comes through. Sorry guys! The amazon reviews were atrocious!

I want to at least see 1-2 more deals before I sleep :expressionless:

I’ll give the next people to buy this +3 cool points. They are redeemable for absolutely nothing, but you can hold them over peoples heads.

Appears to be a good deal only if you plan on using it in Iraq.


Somebody buy this, darn it!

Look guys… I am going to go smoke. I want to see these gone when I get back. I am counting on you.

I might even happen to get lost for 30 minutes walking around a tree, or something. I think I am being generous here.

Just looking through the old woot offs and saw this, I actually have it. It was a gift, like two years ago. It can give a great picture, but prob not blu-ray, although I dont swing that way anyway. Also, it does play easily through usb, I have a 1 TB drive hooked into it. Will admit though, it has trouble with anything but .avi and even then it adds extra grain that is not visible if you connect computer directly to tv. I dont know what the price was, but i would say its worth about 30 dollars.