Samsung 1080p Wi-Fi Smartcam - 2 Pack

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Samsung 1080p Wi-Fi Smartcam - 2 Pack
Price: $89.99
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6/6/2017 - $89.99 - Click To See Discussion (18 comments)

Are power adapters included?

The only pertinent questions here are: How much for the box with a brain?
Does it come stabled to the box or do I have to staple it?
Can I use my own brain? If so how much for the box?

Is the power adapter included with the camera? Inquiring minds want to know

Seems like a question that shouldn’t have to be asked, but is valid, since this:

"In The Box:

2 x Samsung SNH-V6414BMR HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera

1 x 16GB Micro SD Card"

Also- 2 cameras; why only one Micro SD card?

Note that the power jack is micro-usb.
I would say it’s not included but 81% of people looking at this deal already have extra cables and USB wall warts laying around to power this.

So apparently these can be integrated with SmartThings to some degree or another:

So now I’m interested, but not 100% sold yet.

Looking for an actual answer. We could all guess.

I have two of these cameras, purchased separately from Woot. Both came with 16GB SD cards already inserted in the cameras, although the listing didn’t say anything about them. My suspicion is that the 1 SD card listed is actually a spare one but I could be wrong.

If you’re looking to get introduced to the idea of cameras in your home, these are great for starters. I use them to spy on my dogs and house. I have the alerts turned off but they seem to be pretty easy to configure and tweak. The night vision needs additional lighting to see bigger rooms but it’ll show closer items.

On one of my cameras, the image was blurry and it wouldn’t seem to focus. I popped off the cover and noticed that you can change the depth of the lens by twisting it. I haven’t had a problem since.

The not so good- the app is wonky at best on my S7. Also, the only browser that you’ll be able to view the camera remotely is Internet Explorer, which I find to be annoying. Reviewing video is also not ideal. The camera records in 5 min intervals, making it a task to view a summary of the day or a time frame. I’ve heard of some people using these cameras through an Ivideon server, which would help with this experience.

In the box has likely been updated:

In The Box:
(2) Samsung SNH-V6414BMR HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Cameras
(2) 16GB Micro SD Cards
(2) Power Adapters

Yep, was just going to post that. Thank you!

I purchased these about 6 months ago and they are great. I have one that looks at my driveway and one inside my garage (mostly to see if I left the door open when I go to work). They allow for motion (custom area or entire view with options for varying sensitivity) and sound push notifications, as well as remote listening/2-way communication.

The app works great on my iPhone. There is a slight delay (about 5 seconds) for the live stream or recorded footage to load up.

I have set my cameras to record for 30 seconds when there is motion detected instead of recording all the time. You can do this with or without motion notifications.

Can you connect directly to these or do they require an internet service? (ONVIF?)

I’m not sure. I used to have a link to the exact steps but cannot seem to find it now. This reviewer on Amazon connected it to his Blue Iris setup using ONVIF. I think the Ivideon steps are similar.

ISpy also has a list of URLs to pass through for each model:


Not sure either. I know that the start-up process requires a wired connection to obtain an IP address from your local wireless router. After that, it’s wi-fi all the way.

I bought two some time ago, and I have to use the Smart Cam app to view the camera(s). Since I use a browser, I found I have to revert to IE, which displeases me somewhat, because Firefox no longer allows add-ons to function except for the ESL version.

I like what someone said about these being a good starter set. But I’m gonna wait until next credit card cycle to get my SmartCam on