Samsung 1080p Wi-Fi Smartcam - 2 Pack

Bought this set a few months ago, reconditioned just like these, from woot. Ive got two shady landlords and some hilarious dog vids from it. Software could be better, but easy to set up and solid deal

I too bought a pair, video and fature set from the app works great,local storage of memory stack that automatically re-writes over it self when full, I use a 16mb.

One nice feature it has is you can set up movement zones to trigger recording, Our zones are on 2 doors and the hallway, both 3-5 feet off the ground so that the cat and dog do not set off strolling by.

RTSP feeds work with 3rd party software as well. Motion activation sends a single image with an email each time. Can turn off IR lights to allow to see through an outside window from inside (not waterproof). These are great!

Nuts, I thought Woot had parts of Madonna Halloween costume for sale.

I’m assuming this has to be plugged into a wall somehow…so how long is the cord?
Also our wifi is 5G and we have had issues pairing with our wifi because most of these video units are 2.4 mhz…any suggestions?

It’s like Madonna’s bra and Mike Wazowski had twin babies.

I guess it can’t take the elements, so these are inside cameras only?

Looks like something someone in the 1960s would think was a really cool laser canon. In fact, wasn’t this in the first pilot for Star Trek? :thinking::grinning:

What is used to power these bad boys?? :sunglasses:

Morning all.

Here’s the manual for the cam to help answer questions.

It’s powerd by USB cable and comes with a wall adapter. Don’t know how long the cord is though.

Gerbils. You need to feed these though. Otherwise you could just read the specifications listed.

Does anyone know if these can be hooked up to an Amcrest or Qcam NVR?

Will the smartcams work with a standard PC/Laptop?

A good deal. I bought one at Costco last year for $99 after rebate. It works well with some mild idiosyncrasies.

Are these inside only?

From the manual:

Installation Precautions

  1. Install the camera in a place where the Wi-Fi signal can be reached and
    without interference.
  2. Keep it away from humidity such as around the humidifier.
  3. Keep it away from direct sunlight, strong light or dust; install it in a place with
    clear view.
  4. Do not install it in a place where there are a lot of obstacles.
  5. Keep the lens clean at all times.
    Wipe off the dust with a soft cloth.

As they are refurbished, will they still have ghost images of the prior owner locked inside? Not sure I want to see what was going on in someone else’s rumpus room.

is there a monthly fee to get e-mail alerts of motion detected phots. Like the one I bought at costco and returned.

According to several reviews on Youtube, there are no monthly fees but videos are stored in the camera on the memory card. If the camera is stolen the video is gone. The power supply (usb) cord is 8 feet long.