Samsung 1080p Wi-Fi Smartcam - 2 Pack

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Samsung 1080p Wi-Fi Smartcam - 2 Pack
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This seems to require some sort of Samsung cloud service. The specs do not say, so it probably won’t work on my network.

Do these have onvif interoperability? I can’t find any claim that they do or don’t.

These work fantastic, I have 2 running nd set up with multiple motion activated zones. Any event or recording can be captured and reviewed later on a micro SD card, other wise it is recorded over once the card is full. No cloud service needed.

Bought these one of the previous times on here. One malfunctioned and had to pay to send it back for repair. That said, upon return it has been fine, and they detailed for me what they changed on it. So far, pretty satisfied overall with these cameras.

None of these proprietary cameras will work with Blue Iris.

Just like Nest, and the rest. It’s either on board SD storage or their cloud service.

Are you sure about that? Several other Samsung cameras work with Blue Iris. Amazon has SNH-V6414BN (last 2/3 digits are different) and the first review talks about working with Blue Iris. The Blue Iris site doesn’t list this model, but they mention lots of other Samsung models.

I am using RTSP feeds to 3rd party software with these cameras. I could not find it in their instructions though.

Anyone know if these can be configured with PC (web app/etc)?

Edit: It does appear that you do not need the mobile app to setup or access these. They have a browser plug in for Windows/MAC both.

Does this work with Samsung’s Smart Things hub?

I bought these in a previous WOOT. But I have not been able to configure them to run on other apps like TinyCam or OWLR? Has anyone been able to do that? If so, how? Thanks.

Yes, I bought these for a bit more in August and I use them with Smartthings. I’m really happy with them. The model number is for refurb units, so use SNH-V6414BN when you’re adding them.

I bought 2 sets of these a while back from Woot also. One recently lost the ability to change the brightness and is washed out. Other than that they work as advertised, that is to say, they advertise little and deliver little.
The main problem I have with them is the web interface, at which displays a list of cameras on your account. This is great, except you can only view one camera at a time. You can open another web page and stack them on your monitor, after signing in again and going to that camera on the new web page. But to view multiple cameras at once is a pain.
Also, the only way to share the video that is recorded is to first get the time it was recorded, remove the SD card from the camera, figure out which avi file the sequence you want is in, move it to a PC, and if you want to upload it anywhere, find a video conversion software to change it to MP4. I recently had to upload a video to YouTube of an Amazon driver dropping off a package and then backing up, come back to my door, take the package back and throw it into his truck and take off. It took 3 hours to find the correct avi file, download free software to convert the avi and then upload it.
Between the not displaying multiple cameras and the AVI issue, I’ve decided to go back to wired for monitoring my door and outside my house. I’ll still use the 3 working ones inside incase anyone ever breaks in. But these are not a great overall solution.
I will say the motion detection and alerts to your smartphone are pretty good, and the video quality is also great. As long as you know what you are getting, these are decent.

I previously bought a Samsung smartcam. It was possibly a different model. I thought that I could the sd card recordings, and that I would not need a cloud service. That was wrong. The device had to regularly phone home to the cloud service, or it would not operate. I had to return the product.

So yes, it requires a cloud service.

Can I use these ameras outdoor?

They’re designed for indoor use. The manual says they should be kept away from excess humidity and direct sunlight.

I just picked up ONE of these at Sam’s on speical for $69, so two for $79 is a great deal.

Let’s clear up this “cloud service” bit first. These are IP camears that require an account through Samsumg’s app/web app to function. This account is free. IF you want to store captured footage online, only then would you have to pay a subscription. Disk space cost money folks, get over it. That said, you can use these cameras as they come with the onboard storage capacity of up to 128GB SD card, and not pay another dime. The free account through Samsung just makes it that much easier to login from anywhere and view your feed. It works well enough that I’ve not tried 3rd party IP cam software with it yet.

The only thing that is a bit undewhelming is the two-way communication. The speaker on the cam is small, and not very loud. You can boost the volume a bit in the settings. The mic is great, as is the resilution.

The Sams Club one includes a 16gb Micro SD card.

I read on Amazon’s questions section that the ability to configure RTSP with these was killed via firmware update in 2016 when Samsung released their cloud service. Are you using RTSP to record somewhere other than the on-board SD card? Or just to monitor? I have to do more research into how this all works, but ideally I’d like to get these and record activity to my NAS so I don’t need to futz with the previously mentioned task of manually removing the SD and sorting through the files. Thanks!