Samsung 1080p Wi-Fi Smartcam - 2 Pack

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Samsung 1080p Wi-Fi Smartcam - 2 Pack
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I got a pair of these last time around. Worked fine. You have to make sure you get the correct android app, you need the SmartCam+ by Wisenet, not the other one that looks like it and comes up first in the play store search, or you will spend at least a half hour and feel dumb afterwards. These do run very warm.

Reviewers give it 2.5 stars. Not a good sign.

I have three of these Samsung cameras. One is indoors. The other two I have outside under the eve of my porch roof. One is pointing North the other is pointing South. I know they’re not built for outdoors, but I live in Albuquerque. They work! Turn off the sound alert, turn down the motion sensitivity, and the alerts will not drive you crazy. The WiFi connection is easy to set up and solid. The SmartCam app was also easy to set up and it works wherever I have a smartphone network connection or Wi-Fi connection. I’m very happy with these cameras. I only turn on the indoor camera when I’m away from home for an extended period.

It also helps that you can select up to 3 areas that the cam will only respond to. Helps when you have pets.

If you buy 2 sets (4 cameras) will they all work with the same app?

Is there any cloud storage or only the sd memory card??

I can’t find any indication that these cameras can save video to a remote storage location, like an FTP server.

I’ve also seen some forum discussions that seem to indicate that the app and web user interface is only able to view a single camera at once.

Any ideas or thoughts on these matters?

Cloud storage starts at $4.99/mo. Storage to an SD card is free :wink:

I got 2 last time around and am very happy with them. The UI is pretty good except for the fact I cannot see them at one shot (like you mentioned), but that is not the end of the world imo.

Motion sensors - the 3 areas help reduce false alarm and also improve accuracy.

This work well for what they are. I got it just to use as a baby monitor and ended up really liking how simple they are. These are sweet for pop-up security in the house. I don’t like cameras on inside all the time; I turn them on when needed. They record to internal storage / your phone / micro SD card. They have two way communication.


  • Easy setup
  • cheap
  • video is good quality in dark and in light


  • App is clunky
  • only view 1 camera at a time
  • No FTP storage

Access through a web browser only works with IE (and it is not very good). What is Samsung thinking?