Samsung 11.6" 128GB Core i5 Slate Tablet

Hmmm… I can pay almost six hundred dollars for a 2nd generation core i5? Can you make it part of the deal where I can also purchase that bridge in Brooklyn? Perhaps throw in that rather large statue of lady Liberty as well?

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not :frowning: Is this a good deal or no…?

Well no, not particularly. Mostly because it’s about 3-4 year old now (Jan '16) and technology years tend to make dog years seem epic. It’s a Windows 7 native device as well, and although it can be I updated to Windows 10 it’s still hardware designed around win 7… which could theoretically decrease it’s usable life span. Id put this tablet on par with a mid-level Microsoft Surface / Pro from a few years ago which is not terribly bad… but not great either. Pass.