Samsung 11.6" 64GB Slate Tablet

**Item: **Samsung 11.6" 64GB Slate Tablet
Price: $379.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Will this work with my Mac? At least it is a refurb! Do Not Want!!

Seems like a solid deal… so tempted but there has to be a reason this is so cheap.

Yep - Windows RT

I don’t see anything about a wireless connection? What is Windows RT?

Pretty sure its not RT. If you compare to a Surface Pro its a steal. I think…

derrr answered my own question about wireless.

This runs full Windows 8, not RT. The issue is the Atom Z2760 powering it. It’s a slow processor, but the trade-off is the lower price and longer battery life compared to Core i5/i7 tablets.

Nope, it’s full Windows 8.

Correct. RT is solely for ARM tablets. This runs an Intel Atom Z2760, so it gets Windows 8 (legacy support and whatnot). That said, it isn’t nearly up to the level of something like the Surface Pro. The Core i5-3317U in the Pro is significantly (noticeably) faster in every respect compared to the Atom in this Samsung slate. It also has a higher resolution screen and an actual SSD (rather than eMMC). The Surface Pro feels like an Ultrabook; the Samsung ATIV 500 slateis more like a netbook.

Tempting for the casual user, but the Atom processor would probably be a deal killer for most folks here. If it included the dock I’d probably pick one up for casual home use to replace my Android tablet.

As an aside, I’ve been living with a Surface Pro/Targus docking station (dual monitors+Surface Pro monitor/mouse/keyboard/phone dock/network) as my “work laptop” for a couple of weeks now. It works as well as the i5 Dell laptop it replaced.

Amazon sold it for $269 or $249 while back. Awesome price. YOu can buy keyboard, and it makes decent netbook. I am holding out for upcoming new atom chipset from intel with more than 2Gig memory, and much much more with hell of a battery life.


What’d I miss?

Just bought this a couple of weeks ago. It’s Win8, which people have a love/hate relationship with. However, my understanding is that Microsoft is preparing a new interface that will make it more Win7 like if you wish to change the interface. I like the fact you can input using the included stylus. It also has an Intel Atom Processor designed specifically for tabs. Compared to a full pc/laptop it can be a little slow. However, it a nice package that does just about everything a laptop can. You can also buy a docking keyboard. I suspect these might be customer returns. When they were first released, there was an issue with the screen dimming quickly. I understand this was an intentional design to save battery power. They have since released a new bios which you are encouraged to download and install. I have no problem with mine. Mine was “new” in open box. The last Microsoft updates were Dec 2012. I suspect someone didn’t like the dimming feature and either didn’t want to wait for the release of the update or didn’t know about it.

MS Surface Pro specs for comparison:

Would this work as good as a Surface Pro?

Bought one, been looking for a nice Tablet with an actual Stylus for a while for school and drawing, this should work perfect! Pretty cheap too!


You did miss me, right?

Too bad I don’t know tablets well enough to know about this.

I got a Motorola Xoom on here a couple years ago but it was burgliarized before I ever opened it.