Samsung 11.6" 64GB Slate Tablet

**Item: **Samsung 11.6" 64GB Slate Tablet
Price: $379.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 One-Day OR $9 Two-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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“It may be small, but this tablet is mighty—the same power and speed as a desktop computer.” Um, really?

I suppose that’s technically correct. I think I’ve seen a couple Atom-powered “net-top” boxes and all-in-ones, but I’d hardly call them “mighty”.

OTOH, I guess a tablet with a full-fledged OS is kinda cool, and since Windows 8 is really a tablet OS (even when running on an actual desktop/laptop) it’s kinda appropriate. If you like that sort of thing.

I wonder if it’ll run Ubuntu?

I bought one on the last round. It’s a pretty cool device. I would say its worth the $380 (or even $400 that I paid), but know that it is a slower, stripped down fully functional computer. You notice the slowness trying to open web pages with lots of graphically intense ads on them. Also, the screen can be unresponsive to touch at those times as well. However, for most purposes like reading the news, writing e-mails, surfing most of the web, you would think you were on a decently powered computer. By the way, Win 8 is amazing. You’ll realize that when you use it on a tablet.

Of course - Windows 8 was designed to be a tablet OS, and I’m sure that’s where it really shines, and where it belongs. Most of the complaints about 8 come from people trying to use it on a desktop/laptop (specifically, any device without touch screen), where it decidedly doesn’t belong.

Can I put android on this? Or maybe even Ubuntu?

Win 8…Fail !!

I own this tablet. Although I’m not sure about Ubuntu, it WILL NOT run android, that is a limitation on the Clovertrail Atom Proccesor. It runs very well, Check out the tabletpcreview forum for tips on its optimizations. The SPen works great for SAI and Photoshop. I got it to work with Adobe Flash Pro and Illistrator using the Surface Pen Tablet Drivers. It IS NOT A GAMING MACHINE and, even for simple games, it wont really work. I heard some guy got WoW to run, but thats a real stretch even the Windows 8 games are laggy. (Limitation of a locked HW Accel intergrated gpu). Maplestory won’t work either because Gameguard and Blackcipher don’t like the harddrive formating (it’s some different type of memory formatting)

Bluestacks is being developed and is available for download in BETA form. I stress BETA for Android.