Samsung 12MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Zoom & Schneider Lens

I spent so much money on the wootoff! But I want this camera so bad! and payday is another week away…sigh

Lack of an optical viewfinder takes this one out of the running for me.

Who exactly is this “al the action” you captured?

I have one of these (and I paid much more) and I am greatly impressed with it. Samsung, 20 years ago, was the bargin basement of electronics. But, in the last 10 to 15 years they have become a major hitter. I would buy their refirbs ANY day of the week.

Great cam, great price!

This looks strikingly like the Panasonic TZ series (which I have, and LOVE).

is this a wide-angle camera? my dad needs a wide-angle for real-estate.

Is this a good point and shoot? I’m in the market for a new camera and all I need is a point and shoot… Last camera was a cannon sd870 I believe…i lost it in a move so I don’t remember exactly what model.

The lens manufacturer:

I’d order this if I thought it would arrive by Friday.

Good camera and good specs, but it’s the little brother of the HZ35W and lacks that model’s OLED display (eh) and GPS (important to some.)

Nice price, though.

I was going to buy this, but then I saw the amazon reviews. If anything, I want good quality.

Actually, it depends on the amount of available lux, or light… the EI (exposure index) is the primary indicator of shutter speed – so, the higher the EI, the faster the shutter speed… you can hand-hold a camera down to approximately 1/30 sec. without a tripod… and then there is also your “anti=shake” settings on the camera itself…

I think it is a good investment…because Woot has been known to sell tripods/monopods for another investment.

Video Review

Test Footage

It seems like a fairly good camera. If I didn’t have the setup that I already have, I’d definitely consider it. It seems quite crisp and seems to handle the photography, as well as video quite well.

Looking over the stats, this seems like a pretty decent little step-up camera for those who are tired of their point-n-shoots, but maybe not quite ready for a DSLR or a Powershot.

I can’t do it right now, else I’d love to have one for my everyday bag-cam.

Broke the beau’s camera on a business trip last week, and have been looking for a good budget camera to replace it. All of the cameras in this price range at BJs and Target were either sold out or just plain junk. Was hoping woot would drop a little wooty camera miracle on my lap. In for 1!

I’m tempted with a 15x optical zoom. That’s a huge zoom to maintain stability and grab a crisp picutre, but the Samsung’s dual stablization which just might do the trick.

FYI: As a photographer, I recommend always staying away from DIGITAL zoom (which is useless - it’s just decreasing the quality of the picture). ALWAYS go for the optical zoom.

Samsung is no Canon or Nikon when it comes to pro gear, but their point and shoots (like this one) certainly give 'em a run for their money!

…and at this price it’s a steal.

Gee…some sites talk about GPS location and HDMI…but nothing on the woot specs. So…what does that mean?? Woot doesn’t want us to know, or it doesn’t really work?

Is it worth it!??
Seems like yes.

Will it produce quality hi-res pics? My photoshop experience will decide this as the most important factor…

In for 1 if I can get some sample pics.

Actually, that’s their preview. Here’s the review (this is the same, sans GPS).

Great comparison between compact super zooms. Conclusion was that this has the most versatile lens out there right now. Great in daylight, OK with flash.