Samsung 12MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Zoom & Schneider Lens

For those buying for video, I present this caution: It records @ 720p at 30FPS. Any type of action shot is going to appear choppy, trust me! I have and love the Kodac Zi8. It records at 1080p, 720p 30FPS, but also 720p at 60 FPS. For videos of my kids running around like crazy, 60 FPS is needed, at least…

The Wide Angle Lens is a big deal people. I love this feature but not many people seem to care. Compare a photo by this puppy to a photo by a lower end camera and you will know what I am talking about.

Well the pros who do reviews and whom I rely upon have said the camera takes great pics.

I have found that with most cameras there are people who take indoor shots under poor conditions, then when the shots look horrible they say the camera is shoddy or only takes fair pics.

The pros will tell people that the problem is that often times people are shooting in auto mode under stressed conditions (dark, little lighting, etc.) and the ISO in auto-mode is too high. This is kind of like the perfect storm leading to lousy pics (often described as “too grainy”).

My Canon SX10IS is famous for that “issue.” People were taking pics at 400 ISO and above, thinking that’s the best thing to do when shooting indoors. But the pros chimed in and said that the SX10IS should be set to 80 ISO and no higher when indoors.

I tried that and my pics looked way better than shooting in Auto.

So I’d take it with a grain of salt when people post on Amazon, for example, that they took some pics indoors and they did not look good, so they rate the camera as fair to lousy.

In fact, on any camera I have ever considered it’s easy to find comments on sites where people say “Took some indoor shots, the camera takes lousy pics.”

Anyway, here’s some comments and reviews from pros and amateurs on picture quality:

Picture quality is quite good, I’d stop short of excellent. I just spent a weekend using the camera primarily indoors or outside at night. The manual settings came in handy here for sure…

*The Samsung has excellent picture quality.

To help put things in perspective, my son has been studying in Madrid since last August and school is now over. To celebrate, and provide us both with memories that will last a lifetime, I am taking the entire month of June to visit with him and travel in Europe.

As I write this, I am sitting in the lobby of the Iberhotel in Luxor, Egypt, having concluded all our site seeing. I have been shooting since the 1960s and used to process my own film and prints. I have had film and digital SLRs.

The Samsung is the ONLY camera I brought on this trip. Why? I didn’t want to fuss with, “Gee, which lens should I use? Where’s the case? Should I take my camera on this outing? How many lenses should I bring? This lens won’t take in the entire scene, I should have brought my wide angle.” And on and on.

I wanted something I could just slip in my pocket and take a great shot whenever I felt like it. But I also wanted it to give me the flexibility to get a little creative if I wanted to. Bear in mind, I am NOT here to create Photographs (capital P intentional), I am here to create memories and, yeah, I’m going to take tons of snapshots. So what?

To answer your question directly, I have taken shots indoors, Cairo street scenes at night, the Temple of Luxor at night (it is illuminated) and have deliberately turned off the camera’s built in flash.

Moreover, I have only used the camera’s optical IS. I have yet to make use of the dual IS (optical and digital).

My shots have turned out BEAUTIFULLY.*

In for one…for the following reasons:

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I just purchased this camera from BUY.COM for $149.00 (have not taken delivery yet)and they will not price match WOOT saying WOOT is not a “QUALIFIED RETAILER” ?? WT*(Heck) is up with that? GOODBYE to BUY.COM in the future and I advise others to CAVEAT EMPTOR when dealing with BUY.COM!!!. Thanks WOOT, I’ll be spending more $$$ with you. :slight_smile:

Yes, that feature is mentioned about this camera. One comment on the Net said:

“The biggest news is that it has a 24mm wide angle lens. That’s a full 3mm wider than the competition. What that means is that you’ll be able to get more into your pictures without backing up 3 miles.”

And another comment pointed out how the wide angle means that one can do self portraits by holding the camera out in front with an arm.

I never thought of that, but now that I think about it, I see pics like that all the time, sometimes couples and others where the person is simply shooting himself in front of a famous landmark.

I have not had that problem. 30 FPS is fine for action shots. But I also make sure I am using a brand name Class 6 SDHC card, purchased from a reputable seller or retailer. (The reason I am careful where I buy chips is because, for example, it’s estimated that 90% of eBay sellers auctioning off chips like SanDisk or Kingston are in fact selling counterfeit chips that are below even Class 2, albeit the label will say Class 6.)

Digital camcorders (or cameras in movie mode) don’t work all that well with Class 4 chips, even though many owner manuals will say that at a minimum to use Class 4. But Class 4 usually only works for non-action video.

Other factors that affect getting decent action video is to NOT be using zoom and to have IS (image stabilization) turned off.

I too have the Zi8 and two JVC Picsio camcorders that shoot in 60 FPS. When I use those in my car (what I call “accident cam”) 30 FPS works fine, but yes, 60 FPS works better when, for example, hitting potholes.

Here is someone with a demo of his car using this Samsung as an accident cam:

OK, have to log off, but here’s a YouTube video where the guy posted pics taken with this camera.

Make sure to view in 720p or 1080p.

says can use up to 32GB SDHC card guaranteed

Though I had bad experiences in the past from Samsung digital cameras…I’m pretty tempted to get this Sammy, namely due to the lens for this compact size (and while taking 720p videos)…and that I need a camcorder at the same time

Compared to it’s sibling, the Samsung HZ35W…the only difference to it is the 3" AMOLED screen and the GPS (critized in DpReview’s Compact Travel Zoom Review) that the HZ30W does not have (I think minus the GPS is a big “plus”)…

Caveat aside, the HZ35W (tie with the Casio FH100) still won a DPReview Gold Award…against 12 other Travel Zooms…

This Samsung HZ30W at $135 shipped is a great buy…

E-Bay has the very same camera right now for $112.99, with free shipping. It is one of the “daily deals.”

In the first review the guy says the
camera is 14 MP but Woot says 12 MP. What am I missing?

I have the HZ35W, which is pretty much the same camera plus some stuff (including dollars in the pricetag) and it can’t take stills, so I’d guess that no, the HZ30W can’t, either.

In other news: after having the Canon S1-IS as my first digital camera, this camera has made me feel lazy. I looked at the Canon SX210-IS when considering my current purchase, and found that while online reviews complained of the Samsung menus and controls being huge and long and complicated, the comparably featured Canon menus are similarly huge and long and complicated. And when I want a shot QUICKLY, I use smart auto instead of the A/S/M mode.

I’ve found that I kind of hate the white balance modes (they never seem accurate to me, even when viewed on a monitor later) but you can easily adjust the color balances with software at a later time.

Other than that: shots often appear too soft for my liking, but I haven’t had any photos printed out, so I don’t know if this is a big issue.

It’s a GREAT option at this price. I chose the sibling camera because the AMOLED screen was just too tempting, but if this woot had been available when I was making the purchase decision I probably would’ve said to hell with it and bought this one.

EDIT: I see that I focused a lot on the negatives in my comment. I do really like my camera. Other than the above-mentioned issues it is a very good camera. The menus are not as long and awkward as some reviews have stated. The focus is sometimes wonky, but I didn’t read that part of the user manual, and I’m sure that’s on me. It is small enough to fit into a pocket on NOT-skin-tight jeans.

The video is good, though even when there are noises going on around you, if you don’t mute the video during zooming it does come in pretty loud in the sound (which is why they have the mute during zoom option for video recording.)

That is not the same camera.

I have no idea how they run the “qualified retailer,” but one thing I’ve noticed since shopping at Woot. will sometimes have the item for sale a few weeks-months before Woot gets the item, for a higher price. It seems like when an item is in overstock, the manufacturer will go to first, then to Woot (or maybe sells the leftovers to Woot). My guess. This doesn’t happen as much as a year ago, as far as I can tell. The main point is that it is just about impossible to find a lower price than Woot on anything (similar rarely).

Got it on the last sellout.woot and I’m, very happy with it. As a point & shoot it is no contest compared to my Nikon D40 DSLR. Having said that, it’s a terrific point & shoot.

  1. The lens is just wonderful, very sharp and that fantastic 15X zoom. But if you zoom it to full telephoto you will need to brace the camera on something unless you are in very bright conditions.

  2. Of course it is iffy in dark conditions; there isn’t room for a large flash. But I’ve used it in a large, dark room and got some nice shots, albeit with dark backgrounds. That just makes the people show up better.

  3. Huge battery life even when using flash heavily.

  4. I do wish it had camera raw but you can’t have everything.

I noticed the same thing! Also the weight and the (w, h, d) all match the camera with the 14 megapixels! Isn’t that creepy

I bought one of these last time and am pretty happy with it. I would buy the camera again at this price point but do have a couple of minor gripes:

  1. Size - It’s a little bulky for my liking. It will fit in you pocket or purse fine, I just find myself wishing it were a little smaller.

We went to a football game yesterday and as we were leaving the car I asked my daughter if we could use her Nikon s220 instead of the Samsung cause it fits in my jean pocket better.

  1. It seems to have issues focusing when I’m zoomed in at 14 or 15x. Kinda frustrating when the powerful zoom is one of the reasons I bought the camera.

sold out while i was putting in ccv code :frowning:

As far as I know, the sensor is rated at 14.2 mp but the effective pixel rate is 12.0mp - 4,000x3,000.

And it does not say the megapixel number anywhere on the camera.