Samsung 12MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Zoom & Schneider Lens

My WOOT broke

say cheese!

That coffee went fast?

Wow, these are going by fast now. :frowning:

I’m sorry, maybe you should see a doctor for that

See a doctor?

does the community page always load slow for everyone else, or is it my comp?

I bought one last time this was up. Love it. Good deal.


Wow a camera. Never seen one of those before (rolls eyes)

Everybody’s hoping for a boc.

I did. She said a BOC would bring me back.

yeah there was only four of them. not sure why, seems a lot like two nights ago when they break out products they only have one of.

This is a really good camera if you’re looking for a travel zoom.

Schneider Lens… isn’t he the building super from Lavern and Shirely??? Why is he making lens’s? What qualifications does he have? Besides being a building super…I mean those guys are good… and have to know a lot of stuff… but wow…cameras???

If he can do this imagine what the Fonze can do…HEEEEEYYYYYYY!

this is a great price for this camera. typically over $200.00 elsewhere.

Thank you! I was buying this camera as a Christmas present already… got it $20 cheaper! Yes! We’re best friends again! I won’t blow you up with Kick Ass! tonight! No sir-ee!

Damn this is Woot off is gonna make me broke!!!
This is the camera that I’ve wanted and I just got the one from sellout 2 woots ago. Getting this regardless.

Schneider was on One Day at a Time.