Samsung 12MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Zoom & Schneider Lens

I own one. Pretty decent for a point and shoot. :smiley:

I got this camera over Black Friday. I love it; for its size its quite capable.

Product Website

wootoff!!! here we go!!! good luck!!!

Got a previous version a couple of years ago from Woot and I’ve been extremely happy with it. It’s held up to my 2 year old grandson playing with it every chance he gets, so it’s pretty sturdy and nice picture quality.

who wants one of these cameras! i wanna see the next woot

Have it dont like it. Seems slow as hell. If your just out in the woods taking nature photos probably pretty good. T2I may have me spoiled though!

How long into the Wootoff until we get something that isn’t a camera or TV?

Lenses and filters? What am I, a photographer?

No, no I’m not.

I guess the woot off is flipping me off.

worth buying?

TestFreaks Reviews are good

It was $10 more back in October. It’s a great camera, great price here.

Soon, grasshopper, soon.

At least I think so.

am I the only one who was getting a ton of 503 HTTP errors?

btw, wish I could buy this camera, but my boss is sleeping next to me and I don’t dare wake her up. Of course, I would need permission to buy this thing… :slight_smile:

yey…its woot off

Yes. Buy one. Buy three.


Comon’ ice cream maker or food processor…

I have been trying to get some random crap for years and now they have a woot off on my birthday. Is it a sign??