Samsung 12MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Zoom & Schneider Lens

15x Optical zoom on a standard lens? Ay carumba.

Another camera?! Jebus Christ. Well, atleast its an awesome one.

woo woo woot off!!!

Come on Leak Frogs! I need a Roomba!

This camera has terrible image quality

Samsung and camera doesn’t seem to go together well in my mind. They are probably fine cameras. I dunno. I’m doing my part, though. I’ve made two purchases so far (the pens, and the surge suppressors).

Just purchased this item from Woot on 3/8/11.
Same price, but can’t review since I have not received it yet.

My buddy has this camera and it has served him well. Not as impressive as my higher end panasonic but no complaints.

At this rate, I won’t get another woot in before bed time…

A Camera? On a wootoff? Wow what a change of pace!

Dear blah people,

This is a woot off. Stop being brats and encourage the few people up this late to buy this crap… Er i mean… Camera

I don’t have this camera, but I have one I bought from walgreens for $5, decent camera, but nowhere near as good as my DSLR.

15 to 20 minutes for this camera before it’s sold out.

I recommend getting eye-fi with this. It will wirelessly upload photos and videos to your computer from any wifi hotspot.

Well folks, it looks like they have a few of these. Everyone needs to step up and buy three so we can see what’s next. Woot! Woot!

Let’s see an early bag of crap!

c’mon bag o’ crap. daddy needs some new stuff

Are you talking from experience? I have owned Samsungs that were excellent, and you can’t go wrong with a Schneider Lens.

Why are…there so many…songs about rainbows…and what’s on the other side?

Do you own one…or is it “something I heard”?

I bought this camera on the last Woot-off, and I love it! It takes amazing photos!