Samsung 14.2MP Smart Digital Camera

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**Item: **Samsung 14.2MP Smart Digital Camera
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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The comments following the review are not so great.

Just an educational note:

On the lens it says “3.2-5.8” which is the MAXIMUM aperture at various zoom ranges.

In reality it also means that the lens will spend most of it’s life at 5.8. Back in the day, lenses for film SLRs were often 2.8 for fixed focal length and variable 3.5 to 4.5 for many average zooms.

It is useful to take time to learn what effect lens openings have on shutter speeds and how that effects image quality.

As an aside, the local school where I have been teaching such things (non-credit, night classes) is dropping the entire non-credit program due to budget cuts.

Happily, I’ll be picking up the ball privately after 10 years of teaching, but now at a local studio! The need is out there!

Can someone tell me about this type of battery? The camera I have now has a lithium ion battery. It still takes great pictures, but looking for something smaller. Want to make sure I have the same great battery life.

18x Optical?

Samsung Factory Refurb?

In for three.

Just got it.

It comes without a battery. The battery costs $26.00!!!

no memory card either?

Sorry for the problems.

It should have come with a battery. Have you checked inside the camera?

If you don’t find it, there should be contact info in the box. You can contact Samsung (or the company they designated) to get the missing battery.

A memory card was not included in sale.

Does anyone know if this Camera comes with a Battery Charger?

Per the sale, it came with:

Samsung WB250FBPWC 14.2MP Long Zoom Smart Digital Camera, Capacitive Touchscreen, 18x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi - (Choose Color)
SLB-10A Battery
USB Cable

You can charge the battery with it inside the camera using the USB cable.

Hope that helps.

Does anyone know if this camera came with a flash?

I just downloaded the user manual. Looks like the camera does not have a flash. There is a place where the pop up flash should be but it’s just a square box with no flash. I can’tbelieve that no one else has commen ted on this. I wonder how I can add it???

Did you see page 67 of the manual?. It says to push the flash pop-up button. You also need to make sure the Flash mode is turned on.