Samsung 14.2MP Ultra Slim Digital Camera w/5x Optical Zoom

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Yo! I bought one of these when they were last on sellout.woot for my folks as a christmas gift.

But they bought their own!!!

hit me up if you want to buy mine from me. I haven’t even opened the box, and I’d be happy to send it to you.

fhlynch at gmail dot com

Samsung middling quality on latest PCWorld survey recently:

and below average on PCMagazine survey, but better than average on cameras less than 1 year old when survey released last summer:,1871,iid=267324,00.asp for popup chart,2817,2368159,00.asp for the article

I personally don’t own any Samsung digital cameras, but my last film camera purchase was a Samsung before it changed all to digital cameras (and is still a good backup camera).

Should get the NightGhost “Megapixel myth” links now any second now,… any second now… (referring to 14.2 MP and getting much over 10 MP may not help–if he doesn’t, I can repost them, but I figure he will).

Some stuff about megapixels and point-and-shoot digicams:

SLR Cameras vs. Point-and-Shoot

Another Reason To Avoid Giant Megapixel Point-And-Shoot Cameras

The Megapixel Myth

Tips for Using a Point & Shoot Camera

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Which is it? If you read the first overview of the camera’s specifications it states that it does 1080p video with stereo microphones. Then under the bulleted specifications below that it indicates the max video resolution is 720p, with a mono microphone.
C’mon Woot, get it straight!

According to the Woot description this camera takes SD cards:
Internal Memory: Approx. 31MB; External Memory: SD(up to 4GB guaranteed SDHC (up to 8GB guaranteed)

But according to all the reviews on Amazon and according the product manual is microSD. Woot should correct their product description.

Those specs are directly from the Samsung site.

The camera that your link points to is NOT the same one that Woot is selling. Look at the lenses - one is vaguely rectangular and the linked one is round.
I say shenanigans.

Nahh - I’m wrong. Sun was in my eyes. They look the same, but for some reason the written description states 1080p stereo and the specs state 720p mono.

I’m sending this and the memory card question in to the Woot buyers but it will be tomorrow before they can answer.

so is it a go or no go??

Is overnight shipping an option? Would order if I could have it by Tuesday!

I am tempted,… much less than newegg and amazon.

you do realize it’s refurbished though, right?

This camera has pretty good reviews on Amazon.

Here’s a sample of the 720p video on Vimeo. Make sure that you click “HD” near the volume control to get the full 720p sample.

I did some searching for a new compact camera recently and this one came out as one of the top choices.

Here’s the first review I found

And here’s the second

(The TL110 was branded in Europe as the ST70, for reasons that completely escape me)

Both praise the picture quality, colors and quick shooting/recycle time for a low-budget model. I haven’t had mine for long, but I’ve been impressed by it.

WARNING: This camera does not take SD cards. It takes Micro SD cards. I can confirm this based on firsthand experience.

I’m confused. This says that it is the Samsung TL110, but many of the specs, 12.2 MP, 4x zoom, are for the Samsung TL105. Which is it?