Samsung 14.2MP Ultra Slim Digital Camera w/5x Zoom

Nice camera, good price.



i’m going to choke a wootich.

5x Zoom: Would this have helped Brett?

Do they do the bag o’ carp anymore? It’s been a while since I watched a woot-off.

Got this during the last woot off, and it is awesome.

what was the price

Conflicting description… So are the videos it captures 720p or 1080p? Is the audio Mono or Stereo? See the BOLD ITALICIZED words below. I tend to think 720p and Mono, which are typical of cameras of this class.

At first, it states:
"Capture high definition 1920x1080p video at 30 frames per second on your still camera and leave the camcorder at home. H.264 format has a recording time that’s 4x times longer than MJPG and a stereo microphone for crystal-clear audio

Then later, on the bottom:
"***Size: High Quality-1280x720 (30fps & 15 fps)***, Standard quality-640x480 (30 fps & 15 fps), 320x240 (60fps, 30 fps, & 15fps), (4x Optical Zoom with sound recording)

HD Video Recording: 720p

Voice Recording
* Voice recording (max. 10 hours) Voice Memo in still image (max. 10 sec.)
*** * Mono Microphone
* Mono Speaker***"