Samsung 14.6MP Digital Camera

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Samsung 14.6MP Digital Camera
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Guess that means that I am headed to bed

Unless this is one of those ones that only has three or four to be bought, I’m headed to bed.

I second that.

This sure is perrrty…

I think 3 of them would look good in your house

ehh, no thank you.

Finally no wireless n cards :'D

I second that!

I like that it has a detachable lens, but it uses SDHC… tooo slow on write speed.

LOL!.. Yep they fer shure would!.. Please feel free to add them to cart and send them to me…

Just what I have been waiting for.

$769 at Amazon. Good reviews.

It took less time for someone to buy the last item, methinks.


maybe there is only one for sale? I think you should buy one and see…

Yeah, you expect it to use CF? Come on now. This isn’t a $2k camera. Brand new it’s under $800 WITH a lens.