Samsung 14” Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass


Happy Kitty

Samsung makes laptops you say? YES, you want this laptop.

I have it’s big brother 15" i7 model. YES, you want it. The case is durable, nice looking, and it isn’t too heavy.

With an i5 this is a solid work notebook, plus its easy to upgrade the RAM too if you need it to pack a little more punch. This is about $200 and change off MSRP.

Totally totally worth it.

4.6 out of 5 from Samsung’s website.

oh look… another computer…

Great price for an UltraPortable. Probably get around 5 hours of real time use out of the battery.

good looking review on CNET:

At least $650 on Amazon:

Well edge to edge glass is one thing, but edge to edge picture must be another…

Guess this will deter all the momma cats from picking it up like a kitten by the screen bezel.

why no hdmi out? isn’t vga obsolete? Can I use the WiDi for sound?

What will happen when Grandma tries to give Kitty some milk??

From CNET:

The good: High-end look and feel; good keyboard; large touch pad; Intel Wireless Display, Nvidia Optimus graphics switching; very affordable for the features.

The bad: Mediocre battery life; no Bluetooth; entry-level Nvidia GeForce graphics.

The bottom line: Slickly designed and amply featured, the Samsung QX410 looks and plays the part of a more expensive high-end laptop at a price that’s a solid value.

Read more:

How much for just the kitty?

It’s a good laptop, very sturdy, but I believe it houses a permanent battery.

i want some kitty!!!

This looks awesome!

Quick anonymous rich benifactor, I know you are out there, buy this for me and mail it to my address!


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(Probably the latter is more worthy, but you can do both if you like.)

5lbs is hardly an ultraportable

probably the best laptop at the best prce Ive ever seen woot offer.

…too bad I like my macbook pro or id be in for sure…

HDMI Output: Yes

read the specs…

Its a solid laptop, just wish it was 17". The display is really nice.