Samsung 14” Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass

Product specs and reviews @ Amazon

I was expecting a deal to die for… or at least something that could have come from Heaven…

Woot-guys, why can you not pose for the massive world events?

Is there seriously only 1 USB port on this thing?

Unlike some of the previos laptops recently offered here at Woot, this one has a very nice i5-460M which scores a nice 2618 on passmark.

how durable is this? I mean will it survive a rapture?

Does widi rhyme with “We Die?” As in, Sunday?

I’ve heard of WiFi but I am not entirely sure what WiDi is :slight_smile:

Looks nice, great specs, too bad it’s only 14 inches :frowning:

it says 3 usb ports

The world is coming to an end and we get another laptop? Will it at least last until October when we all go down in a big fireball?

There are a total of 3. 2 Are hidden next to the HDMI port behind the little cover.

I have this laptop and absolutely LOVE it. I consistently squeeze 4-5 hours of juice from the battery with moderate use.

No. There are 3. It says that right in the product specs.

Typing on this right now after purchasing it in the last woot-off. Very happy with this machine for the price; good power and elegant design.

Will this make it through my rapture hatch with me and my Sony Dash???

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Ahhh Wootalyzer, always playing the optimist. How I shall miss you after the rapture

YAY! Someone reads the description!

Pretty sure I read this on my Asus laptop that I wooted March 19 with the same processor… $30 less, not made of aluminium, a few oz heavier with another 1.4 inches of length…I think they are both good dealz

Good laptop. Retails new in the 700 range. Very nice design from the monolithic screen to the raised wrist rest. My only wish is a touch better GPU for gaming, but it is a 14 inch screen. Overall really nice laptop.

WiDi = Wireless High Def