Samsung 14” Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass

You have high hopes about our shipping ability, don’t ya?

Does anyone know if this comes with the windows 7 disk?

That’s funny. I was trying to make a reference to Cartman’s penis(this week’s episode) while being relatively close to the screen size difference, looks like I was exactly right!

Is that Eastern or Pacific?

Wow, all that potential performance and they marry it to a tiny 1366x768 screen? That ruins the whole package right there.

Same time in EVERY time zone. :wink:

Well, since its the rapture and we’ll be shelling out the big bucks for buying this, mebbe you guys can rush out the shipping too? :smiley: :wink:

1366x768 is the standard for 15.6" consumer laptops, and this is only 14 inches. There isn’t much room to take advantage of a higher resolution.

What is “Edge-to-Edge Glass”? The display clearly has a bezel or frame surrounding the LCD screen so how is that edge to edge? In fact, my HP has a thinner bezel and it’s not considered anything special.

Maybe referring to the entire display feeling of glass, even with the bezel being there? Or a covering of glass?

Its a bit of marketing really, but the difference is that the pixels go right up to where the bezel is. If you look on most monitors and laptop displays, you have a small area, maybe 10 pixels on the Viewsonic I am using, of black borders on the LCD screen before the bezel. Maximize a bright window and you will see.

An edge-to-edge screen goes right up to the edge of the bezel.

EDIT: Man I love marketing gimmicks with no real ‘standards’ for terms…

In addition to what I explained above, edge-to-edge ‘glass’ usually means that there is a glass on top of the bevel and screen that goes from edge to edge. Think Macbook Pro, if you run your finger across the screen it will be flat from end to end, the bezel is underneath. So apparently ‘edge to edge’ and ‘edge to edge glass’ are slightly different to the marketing peeps. This laptop has edge to edge ‘glass’.

In general, the answer would be no, and it’s not in the description or the photos. Most computers now require that you make your own Windows 7 DVDs upon setting up the computer. Furthermore, those DVDs are computer-specific, meaning you can’t use them on any other computer.

Edge-to-Edge refers to the fact that the entire visible glass surface contains pixels for display. Most screens have some sort of inactive black border visible between the frame and the displayed image, but edge-to-edge means they’ve eliminated that.

i need a new laptop, and i like everything i see here, except the screen is glossy right? so very reflective… sun glare etc?

also samsung laptops are not even in most popular reliability charts. whats the failure rate?

This screen is apparently actual glass rather than plastic with a glossy coating as is usually the case with glossy screens. Real glass generally doesn’t produce as much glare as the glossy screens you’re probably using for comparison.

also why no Bluetooth, no webcam


Not bad. Got a similar Asus U30JC for my wife last year with almost the same exact specs. She loves it. Good combination of portability and power. Heck, I can play StarCraftII on it. And with the Optimus graphic switching, I can get up to 6 hours on one battery.

For everyone who wants to know “How well does game ‘X’ play on this”

Here is a nice page that has comprehensive benchmarks for the NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphic card included in this laptop.

It includes 3Dmark, Pcmark, as well as FPS benchmarks for many popular games.

I don’t see and HDMI port on the pictures.
Am I missing something?

It does have a webcamera, but yeah i don’t see bluetooth.

Here is the review at

And the video review at cNet.

And the Amazon Link.