Samsung 14” Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass

This one came back fast with a few minor differences this time.

much better than screen with only edge to middle glass

So this is just a slightly nicer version of a laptop a lot of wooters received recently. Here’s the page where we’re all giving our thoughts:

Here’s a nice engadget review:
Apparently it’s a steal for 800$. I’d have to agree.

It is a dual core, not quad.

Edge-to-edge glass… huh, looks no different than any other laptop to me. What am I missing?

Apple-inspired design begs the hackintosh treatment.

Anyone experienced?

You sir are correct.

This one is almost identical to the previous woot but just slightly faster. The i5 480m processor in this one scores 2765 on the passmark benchmarks.

The previous one scores 2618 on the passmark benchmark with its i5 460m.

Very little difference, both very respectable processors.

Otherwise they seem to be identical. Anyone see any other differences?

5 pounds seems like a lot to carry in your teeth

picture can’t be right. edge-to-edge does not strongly imply a half-inch border of plastic around the screen.

Edge to Edge glass, with this particular model, means that they put the glass (or plastic) on top of the screen so that if you were to run your finger across the screen it would be flat all the way across, you would not feel the bezel. It doesn’t mean there is no bezel, its just underneath the outside glass.

Haven’t experienced Samsung’s PCs but currently using a Samsung Blu Ray player and Samsung 40" LCD TV. The TV works great - the Blu Ray, not so much. Very unreliable with wireless internet connection when started up, and freezes up on occasion while loading a disc or even just trying to load the menu with no disc. I personally will not be buying another Samsung home theater piece and would extend that to computers.

Summary of what we wooters thought of it:
-Ridiculous steal for the price.
-Display is attractive but not all that nice. Resolution is fairly low, apparent meshing of the LCD
-Trackpad can be a pain, lots of accidental clicking, though people have fixed this without too much problem
-Many people are having problems with the wireless adapter having a mind of its own. Craps out without warning, not fixed with new drivers. I haven’t had this problem, in fact I’m typing this on the QX410-J01.
-Keyboard is really nice, if a bit large
-Metal looks great, not the same quality as the MBP, but still nice
-Graphics card is a bit of a joke, but handles mainstream games at medium settings ok. I’ve been playing Civ 5 on it for the last few days, at native res but can only handle minimum settings. Bit of a bummer.
-Hard drive seems to come pre-partitioned – there’s a bit of a debate whether this is a good thing or not
-Bloatware could be worse
-Mixed reviews on the speakers. They do get sufficiently loud, I’ll vouch for, but I don’t like the quality.
-Some people having problems with the power adapter. Not the majority it would seem.
-Refurb process itself getting VERY mixed reviews. Mine and a fair number of others came fairly pristine, but a few people had scratches and other unseemly reminders that this computer is preowned. I would wager to guess that this experience is the minority, though.

I ordered the previous model from Woot last week. Is the difference between the two any significant?

Not overly excited about today’s woot, but I did just get the moofi.woot over at Sandisk Sansa Clip 4GB mp3 player with expandable microSD card slot for $20. Should make a nice little player for the gym…thanks Woot!

A summary of some of the main discussion points from the similar one that showed up a few weeks ago:

People questioned the Edge to Edge which I re-explained a few messages above.

Intel WiDi allows you to send the video signal from the laptop via wireless to your TV. You will need something like this to take advantage of the WiDi.

Benchmarks for the Graphics CPU can be found here. It also has estimated FPS for common games.

There was a huge debate on the trackpad. Many users disliked it, it was by far the most criticized component. It is over-sized and comparable to the ones you find on the Macbook’s. People easily rest their hand across it and move the mouse unintentionally. It takes a bit of getting used to.

The battery is not user replaceable, that is unless you are skilled in taking laptops apart.

Is the keyboard backlit?

Thank you for helping me replace my girlfriend’s laptop right in her time of need. This is why Woot is awesome :slight_smile:

edit: and by ‘replace’ I mean her laptop is literally falling apart. Physically broken.

All I can find at are Crabs! Whats up with that?