Samsung 14” Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass

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Samsung 14" Core i5 Aluminum Laptop with WiMax, WiDi, HD LED Display and Edge-to-Edge Glass
$499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I bought this from Woot before, everything on this laptop is great but the mousepad is irritating beyond belief! You should only get this if you plan on using an external mouse!

$2000 on Amazon…wow!

Awesome! Can you confirm if this has bluetooth?
Thanks in advance!

CNET review:

Thanks! Now I’m hungry.

Dammit, I want a laptop. But no sandy bridge? Boo.

Would like, can’t afford right now.


it does not

What do you mean … sandy bridge. ( I haven’t been keeping up on tech news lately )

Wtf are you talking about?

There’s a “used - very good” one on Amazon for $529.99 + $8 shipping. There’s a new-refurbished on there for $589.99

  • $11.49shipping. On the CNet review, it’s listed at $829.99 brand new (presumably the price of it when it first came out). I see nothing anywhere near $2000…

no. confirm.

This has a nice processor scoring 2749 over at passmark. This is be way more than sufficient for 95% of the users out there.

For gaming, the Notebookcheck has a page on the Nvidia 310m graphics chip. Basically, you should be able to get away with some older FPS at low settings, and it will be sufficient with WoW and similar games. Sufficient for casual gaming, not hard core gamers.


A nice CPU, i5, with only 4gig memory and 5400rpm drive. boo.

This is a good little machine for the money. With a 2.66ghz processor and half a gigs worth of video card it will handle Starcraft II and WoW, TF2 on mid settings…and you can plug it into a nice TV or monitor with HDMI and use it like a desktop…or a movie library with the hefty sized HD. At 14 inches it’s nice and portable and competes well with netbooks…though I’d call it more than a netbook on steroids.

it does not have bluetooth. I own one. It is a great laptop, and the touchpad takes some getting used to, but it has not been an issue.

When they had a similar Samsung on before there was a lot of discussion of the term ‘Edge-to-Edge Glass’ display that is listed as a feature of this notebook.

The conclusion we came up with is that Edge-to-Edge Glass simply means that they put a glass over the screen that goes all the way across over the bezel. Basically, you can run your finder from on end of the display to the other and you will not feel the bezel because the screen is underneath (think Macbook, which this notebook clearly tries to imitate in many ways). It is mainly a marketing gimmick.

it does not have bluetooth, the touchpad takes some getting used to though. It proves to be a great and reliable laptop. The touchpad just has a short learning curve.